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Guest Editorial: Helping Make Scottsdale Student Dreams Come True

By Scottsdale Pinetop

The recent events of local high school robotics teams is a classic Cinderella story.

Against the odds, three of Scottsdale’s high school robotics teams advanced to the FIRST® Championships, an international robotics tournament held in Houston, Texas. But their celebration was short lived after discovering that teams from Chaparral, Desert Mountain and Saugaro might not be able to attend the competition.

In just 10 days, these student engineers need to raise at least $20,000 to compete. With such a short deadline, it’s nice to have local supporters to ensure their success.

Becoming SUSD’s new fairy godmothers, Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) Governing Board Member Pam Kirby and the Scottsdale Charros are lending their financial support to these robotics teams – committing $5,000 each to the three teams.

The FIRST® Championships is a prestigious international robotics tournament where over 400 teams from around the world compete in designing, building, programing and operating robots to accomplish prescribed tasks. Competitors include teams from North, Central, South America, China, India, the Middle East and Australia.

The leadership and support of Pam Kirby and the Scottsdale Charros is a testament to their service and dedication in helping make SUSD a leading public education district in Arizona. Their generosity celebrates the hard work of SUSD teachers and students that seek new solutions in technology and innovation.

The Charros and Pam Kirby are choosing to use their financial resources to make a difference within their local communities. That’s to be applauded, and remind us that generosity should be a norm rather than an exception, especially when it comes to exceptional students. We thank the Charros and Pam Kirby for taking the initiative in supporting SUSD and for helping make these student engineers’ dreams come true.

Even with the Charro’s and Kirby’s kindness, the teams still need additional support. If you would like to donate, please click here.

  • Mike Norton

    Under the leadership of Pam Kirby 82% of the M&O Override funds were spent everywhere except the classroom. We increased our taxes by 15% so Kirby’s version of an SUSD Budget could be spent on more overhead, more bloat, and more waste.

    Under the leadership of Pam Kirby, $41,000,000 of cash has been set aside in slush funds which could be used for the Robotics Teams, but instead will be blown on more wasteful events.

    Consider this – In just one day, SUSD spent more money on a Motivational Speaker (who no one wanted to be forced to come watch) than was needed to send all the Robotics Teams to the competition.

    Consider this – under Pam Kirby’s leadership, SUSD has been sued by the Attorney General, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees, and wasted over $10,000,000 on projects that were started then abandoned.

    Finally – consider this – under Pam Kirby’s leadership, 7 people now how a title at SUSD containing the word “Superintendent”. Over $1,200,000 per year spent on the largest fleet of Superintendents in the State of Arizona. In terminating the contracts of Denise Birdwell, Louis Hartwell, Laura Smith, and Anna McCauley, SUSD wasted enough cash to send all of the High School Robotics Teams to the national competition every year for the next Decade.

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