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Great Tournament. Bad Fashion.

tbird uniformIt would be like wearing Dockers to the prom. Or a wedding dress to UFC. Or a Toga to a golf tournament.

Shouldn’t the orTBird-Medallions-1024x778organizers of the world’s most attended golf tournament have outfits a bit more stylish than something Jar Jar Binks might wear to a Bee Gees Party?

The Master’s has green jackets. The Fiesta Bowl yellow ones. Sports teams often change up uniforms. Note to the Phoenix Thunderbirds: It’s time. Chicks dig the long ball. They don’t dig those threads.

  • Virgil Alexander

    I guess this qualifies as tongue in cheek, right? Because this is not Augusta, it’s Arizona, perpetuation of our traditions is a good thing. The Don’s are a great organization and their club “colors” are American Indian; what could be more appropriate here?

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