For A More Perfect City

There’s no doubt Scottsdale is a warm, inviting community.

But this should no longer be a continuing excuse not to adopt a more compelling city non-discrimination ordinance.  Indeed, it’s the very reason it should.  Be a beacon, a leader.  It would be like America failing to proselytize about the benefits of democracy.  

For many years this goal has been pursued, primarily by members of the LGBTQ community.  But for years adoption of such an ordinance has languished.

Fortunately, that could be set to change.

As described in a recent Scottsdale Independent article, the city’s enterprising Human Relations Commission is revisiting the issue, and proposing options.  Kudos.

While it is the City Council that must ultimately adopt such a policy, the energy and integrity of this commission’s members should be applauded.  For they are giving a long overdue lift towards an unequivocal Scottsdale commitment to equality, dignity and decency.

Greater rights in this regard need not be a zero sum game. Indeed, such an ordinance shouldn’t be a game at all, politically or otherwise.

Who we love.  How we love.  Who we are.  How we are.  Scottsdale once moved mountains.  To preserve mountains.  It can and should do the same to preserve truths and ideals for all of its citizens.  Now.