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Ending Poisonous Politics

by Ron Barber

This morning former Rep. Ron Barber endorsed Tom's campaign for Congress. Take a look below at the email he sent his supporters: 

Dear friend,

Since I left Congress, I don't miss the dysfunction in Washington, but I do miss the chance to stand up for Arizona families who are getting a raw deal. That's why I am so excited for the opportunity to elect a real leader to Congress. I'm talking about Tom O'Halleran.

Won't you join me and make a contribution to Tom's campaign?

Arizona needs leaders in Congress who understand how to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. I trust Tom to look out for families who live paycheck to paycheck. 

I watched him fight for all-day kindergarten -- and win. I watched him work to reform child protective services -- and improve the lives of countless kids. Tom also won’t get pushed around by the broken politics of Washington. He’ll do what’s right for Arizona.

That's why I support Tom's candidacy and it's why I made a contribution to send him to Congress. Won't you join me?


Tom O'Halleran has a love for Arizona and for Arizona families. He will act as an antidote against the poisonous partisan politics in Congress -- just like he did in Phoenix when he helped Janet Napolitano improve our schools and grow our economy. I hope you'll consider joining me and Nancy as we work to elect Tom.




Ron Barber


  • Roger Sobelinski

    So you want us to send another spender to DC ? We don’t need that (There are too many there already), and If he helped Napolitano increase school spending with no way to pay for it, No Thanks. We need people that will balance the budget. And when Arizona’s economy crashed in 2008, who was in Charge at the Governor Office ?

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