Ending Poisonous Politics

by Ron Barber

This morning former Rep. Ron Barber endorsed Tom’s campaign for Congress. Take a look below at the email he sent his supporters: 

Dear friend,

Since I left Congress, I don’t miss the dysfunction in Washington, but I do miss the chance to stand up for Arizona families who are getting a raw deal. That’s why I am so excited for the opportunity to elect a real leader to Congress. I’m talking about Tom O’Halleran.

Won’t you join me and make a contribution to Tom’s campaign?

Arizona needs leaders in Congress who understand how to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. I trust Tom to look out for families who live paycheck to paycheck. 

I watched him fight for all-day kindergarten — and win. I watched him work to reform child protective services — and improve the lives of countless kids. Tom also won’t get pushed around by the broken politics of Washington. He’ll do what’s right for Arizona.

That’s why I support Tom’s candidacy and it’s why I made a contribution to send him to Congress. Won’t you join me?


Tom O’Halleran has a love for Arizona and for Arizona families. He will act as an antidote against the poisonous partisan politics in Congress — just like he did in Phoenix when he helped Janet Napolitano improve our schools and grow our economy. I hope you’ll consider joining me and Nancy as we work to elect Tom.




Ron Barber