Dumb & Dumber Comes To Scottsdale

Dumb & Dumber was a slapstick comedy back in 1994. It’s an apt description of landlord lobbyist David Ortega’s campaign for Scottsdale Mayor in 2020.

Stung by documented, fair critiques of his Scottsdale record, the lowlight being his vociferous opposition to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve during his first, failed run for Mayor in 2004, Ortega has resorted to attacking the funders.

He’s even derided them as “dark money lobbyists.” Really?  Makes one wonder if Ortega has the faculties to actually be Mayor. NOTE TO DAVID. The money being used to oppose your candidacy is fully transparent. There it is for all to see in city campaign finance reports. Indeed, here is a link so anyone interested can see. We will speak slowly here. “Dark money” refers to contributions to a 501c4 whereby contributors can shroud their dough.

Either Ortega is too dumb to understand this – a disconcerting trait to be Mayor of such a great city – or he is simply duplicitous. But we already knew that.

After all, he talks of protecting Old Town and opposing tall buildings yet he was a godfather of them in the same area, voting for the removal of small business while on the City Council at what became the two 13 story towers at Scottsdale and Camelback.

A new video of his talks of being “For The Preserve.”  Yet, he was the chief opponent of a key measure to make the McDowell Sonoran Preserve happen in 2004.  He did so as a desperate gambit to gain traction in his race against then Mayor Manross. The Arizona Republic called it selfish. Ortega eventually lost in a landslide.

Ortega makes vague references to cleaning up City Hall, yet he is a paid lobbyist for a rich Old Town landlord who frequently tries to bend city officials his way.

He alludes to being for city council districts now to curry favor with southern Scottsdale residents but when it came time to support the most ambitious effort in the past two decades to do just that – a city-wide vote in 2004 – Ortega was nowhere to be found.  As he was when Mayor Lane tried to bring back a modified version of the concept in 2016.

Dumb and Dumber. That’s who David Ortega really is or who he thinks Scottsdale voters really are.

With numerous other quality candidates running for Mayor Scottsdale is not going to be so gullible in the August 4th election, will it? One of the best cities in American can surely do better than this rotten tomato.