Citizens’ Petition to the City Council to Censure Guy Phillips

Citizens’ Petition to the City Council of the City of Scottsdale

Censure of City Council Member Guy Phillips

Initiation of Investigation:   Were “Crimes of Moral Turpitude” Committed?

Removal from Office if Crimes of Moral Turpitude Proven

June 29, 2020


Josh Miller

Michael Norton


Please Read These Words into the Record of the City Council Meeting on June 30, 2020. Since we cannot attend, we request that the Summary Statement replace the 3 Minute statement normally provided.

We call for Guy Phillips’ resignation.   If he refuses, we call upon our City Council to impose the harshest sanctions allowed under our City Charter.

Through his carefully scripted, rehearsed, and precisely staged actions and speech on the grounds of our Civic Center, with a Confederate Flag waving prominently in the foreground, while news media he had recruited for the moment recorded, Council Member Guy Phillips brought a despicable level of shame to our City.

It is not possible to erase that shame.

But it is possible to move forward.

Moving forward starts with the harshest level of censure and sanctions possible – as well as consideration of removal of Phillips from office for committing crimes involving moral turpitude.

Anything short of the harshest of sanctions sends a dog whistle message so loud that even those numb to racism realize that racism is tolerated in Scottsdale.  That defying science while infecting our own neighbors is also somehow acceptable.

Local, State, National and International media responded with harsh condemnations of our City.

The most poignant, blunt, and appropriately profane statement came from the San Francisco Giants President, an organization with a long history of partnership with our City.  An organization that not only supports our tourism driven economy but also supports our schools through funding pushed through the Charros management of Scottsdale Stadium.  And an organization that not only despises racism but promotes equality at all levels.     We will not quote the now internationally famous remark, but we agree with the Team President.

No – let’s quote him.

The Giants Team President said, “For the record, let me make this clear, F*** that Guy.”

Phillips has caused grave damage to our City’s reputation.  He has undoubtedly damaged our economy.   But that is nothing compared to the damage to the world’s belief about our morals.

Some say it was a flippant comment.   No – it was not.   It was his carefully scripted opening line. Read from his clipboard.  With a black mask pulled from his pocket in a precisely choreographed racist stunt.  All planned after days of preparation

Some say he didn’t understand the gravity of his statements.   Yes – he did.   And whether he did or did not (he did), over 13,000 Scottdale residents believe he did.   National and International media think he did.   Dozens of elected officials in Arizona think he did.   And dozens of civic organizations think he did.

Assume for the moment that he understood the implication and hateful impact of his words. If he really did understand, he is a despicable human being who, as Governor Ducey said, has no business serving in public office.

Assume for the moment that he didn’t understand the implication and hateful impact of his words.   In that case he is so remarkably tone deaf and out of touch with our national angst that he also has no business serving in public office.

Factual Basis for Censure or Removal:

Over 13,000 have signed petitions demanding that Phillips resign.   Those signatures were gathered in just 72 hours following Phillips’ racist statements.

A counter petition to support Philips gathered fewer than 500 signatures in the same time period.  This is not a matter of counting signatures on public polls.  But the fact that 26 times as many people are appalled by Phillips behavior should resonate with our City Council.

Phillips used City assets to promote his racist and anti-science stunt.   He used City email and City email contact lists to recruit the audience for his racist remarks.

That rally also promoted his campaign. Using City assets to promote his campaign is yet another violation.

Phillips defied a lawfully issued order of our Mayor to mask.

Phillips incited hundreds to defy that same lawfully issued order of our Mayor.

Phillips defied medical science causing additional risk to our Community

Phillips performed all of those reprehensible acts on the grounds of our City Hall

Phillips conducted his racist/anti-science stunts with a Confederate flag staged front and center

The Arizona Republic condemned Phillips

AZ Republic columnist Laurie Roberts condemned Phillips

Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini condemned Phillips

The Scottsdale Independent and the Scottsdale Progress both reported harshly

The Associated Press condemned Phillips

The Washington Post condemned Phillips

Good Morning America condemned Phillips

The Today show condemned Phillips

NBC Nightly News condemned Phillips

International and European based news agency Reuters condemned Phillips

Governor Ducey issued the harshest of rebukes saying he has no business serving as a public official

Senator McSally said the same

Sheriff Penzone condemns Phillips

County Attorney Candidate Gunnigle condemns Phillips

The NAACP condemns Phillips

The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce condemns Phillips

The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale spoke harshly of Phillips as it withdrew its endorsement

POSA withdrew its endorsement of Phillips

Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association withdrew their endorsement of Phillips

Experience Scottsdale condemned Phillips calling for his resignation

City Council Member or Candidates:

The overwhelming majority of elected officials and candidates have rebuked Phillips’ behavior.

Most have called for his resignation.

Others have condemned his behavior without taking the next step to call for resignation.

No elected official has supported Phillips through this debacle

No candidate for City office has expressly supported Phillips through this debacle

LD 23 Representative candidate Kurland condemned Phillips

LD 23 Senate candidate Blattman condemned Phillips

Maricopa Community College Board Candidate Bitter Smith condemned Phillips

SUSD Governing Board candidates and sitting members condemned Phillips

Those who are silent or openly or tacitly support Phillips:  

Bob Littlefield Mayoral Candidate and spouse of Kathy Littlefield says he believes “the people should decide” at the voting booth.

Kathy Littlefield, City Council member and spouse of Bob Littlefield says “All Lives Matter” and as long as protesters obey the law she has no problem with them, while never mentioning Phillips’ behavior

Mike Auerbach – silence

Daniel Ortega – silence

A loyal troop of 350 followers who signed his Petition of Support


We challenge our City Council to name any other instance in the history of Scottsdale that brought such devastating levels of shame to our City.   Phillips damaged our economy.  Phillips gravely injured our Tourism industry.  Phillips damaged our City’s tax base in doing so.  Phillips defied a Mayoral Order and incited others to follow his lead.  Phillips intentionally exposed hundreds to COVID 19.

But worst of all – and to the point – Phillips cast a cloud of racist shame over every human being living in this City.  

Our City does not tolerate racism.  

Those of us who have lived her for decades and those of us who wish to continue to live here should never be tarnished by association with his racist acts.  

If our City Council allows him to continue to sit at the dais and speak even a word without imposing the harshest censure, our City Council implicitly condones his behavior and perpetuates the damage he caused.

Legal Grounds for Censure:

  • Misuse of City assets to promote an unlawful violation of City Orders
  • Misuse of City assets to promote his own campaign
  • Violating a Mayoral Order properly issued pursuant to our Charter
  • Inciting citizens to violate the same Order
  • Creating a dangerous health hazard to the community

Moral Grounds for Censure:

  • Racist statements while speaking in his official role as a City Council member
  • Use of a Confederate Flag as a racist prop while speaking in his role as a City Council Member
  • His own defiance of a Mayoral order couple with pleas to others to do the same

Respectfully submitted:                 Josh Miller and Michael Norton