Changing the Narrative on Events

By Gilbert Guru

Our community has grown more divided than ever due to COVID. Weary looks in the grocery store every time sometime gets too close. A flock of heads turning if someone makes the mistake of coughing. We have become nervous around members of our community.

Safety is the upmost importance. However, it is a disservice to ourselves to not attempt to safely be a community. Safety in the face of COVID should not result in the destruction of our community. We need to be able to convene in a safe, thoughtful, and conscious manner—or we may lose the heart of our community.

Everyone is scared of big crowds right now. However, it is necessary to find a new facet to convene safely. We should not fear an events if the event is thoughtful and privy to COVID restrictions. If an event is approved by a city, has an operations plan with safety at the helm, and has the ability to allow social distancing then we should not shy away from attending events, but instead go full steam ahead.

If an event has their operation plans adjusted to reflect the current climate then there is no more to be afraid of than going to eat at a restaurant. Our community had been stagnant for months, and needs to move forward for the sake of remaining a community. We cannot remain divided and nervous around strangers and virtual events are just not cutting it. Social interaction is crucial for individuals, but also for communities to blossom and flourish.

In the coming months we will be able to see how different event operations have changed to comply with COVID restrictions. Coming up are numerous events across the Valley. Let’s hope to see our community come together at them and discover a new way to be a community in a safe way.