Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Shows Its Community Fabric With Top National Ranking for People with Disabilities

By Recker McDowell — Scottsdale ranks as one of the top cities in the entire country for people with disabilities. That is according to a new study from financial research firm WalletHub which ranked cities based on accessibility, physicians per capita, in-home health care services and income levels of people with disabilities. Scottsdale ranks number 2 nationally behind only South … Read More

Guest Editorial: Read The Fine Print and Vote For Questions 1, 2 and 3

By Barry Graham — As a CPA, I read the fine print. And I have read the fine print and reviewed the details when it comes to Questions 1, 2 and 3 on the November 5th ballot. The $319 million, 58-project bond package gives Scottsdale voters the opportunity to invest in infrastructure repairs and community assets that will enhance recreation, … Read More

Guest Editorial: La Paz County’s Opportunity for New Jobs, Investment and Tax Revenue

By Loren Barton Vice President, Alliance Metals USA — La Paz County has a great opportunity to attract new jobs and business investments that will generate needed tax revenue for our local schools, community colleges, fire departments and flood controls. It’s an opportunity the county should not miss. Our company, Alliance Metals USA, wants to bring construction and permanent jobs … Read More

59 For, 2 Against: Strong Support for Scottsdale Bond Questions Shows with Wave of Ballot Statements Backing Questions 1, 2 and 3

(SCOTTSDALE) —  Community support has been deep and wide for the three Scottsdale bond measures on this November’s ballot. That strong support has shown itself again with a wave of backers submitting ballot statements to the city of Scottsdale advocating for Questions 1, 2 and 3. Supporters of the Scottsdale bonds have submitted 59 ballot statements in favor of the … Read More

Scottsdale’s Strange But Excellent Bedfellows

We are critics of former Scottsdale City Councilman David Smith’s legal broadside against Jason Alexander, the Scottsdale citizen perhaps single-handedly most responsible for the delightful deconstruction of the Desert Discovery Center last year. Yet, we were gratified to see Smith and Alexander working together, albeit indirectly, as they both submitted ballot arguments for Scottsdale’s upcoming vote to improve its infrastructure. … Read More