Durham and Janik: A Proposal for Reforming Scottsdale’s Ethics Code

By Tom Durham and Betty Janik — The Scottsdale Ethics Code has been in the news lately, largely due to the ethics complaint filed against Council member Guy Phillips. On May 5, 2020 a panel of three independent judges (the “Ethics Panel”) held that Mr. Phillips had not committed any ethical violations. At the May 19 meeting of the City Council, the … Read More

Guest Editorial: COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on Jobs

By Recker McDowell — The economy is reopening but it is going to take time to recoup the more than 36 million jobs lost to COVID-19 and the contagion’s shutdowns. Veteran economist Elliott Pollack said Friday the economic recovery from the Coronavirus and its impacts could be a 2 to 5-year process. Economists from the University of Chicago estimate as … Read More

Save Our Schools Arizona Statement on Arizona Supreme Court Decision, 2020 Initiative

We are extremely disappointed in the Arizona Supreme Court ruling denying Arizona voters their fundamental right to participate in the initiative process. It would not have been difficult for the Court to grant voters both safety and their Constitutional rights, but today, they refused to do that despite the immediate availability of the E-qual online signature collection system and the … Read More

That’s What We’re Talking About

We have not been shy about the city of Scottsdale’s sluggish response to its critical tourism industry, waylaid by a pandemic. It’s supposed to be a first among municipal equals when it comes to ingenuity.  Instead, it’s led from behind, performing as if concussed rather than with commitment and conviction. Fortunately, one of its wannabe leaders, Scottsdale City Council candidate … Read More

Turf Paradise Owner Donates $1 Million To Support Medical Professionals, Arizonans In Need

PHOENIX⁠ — Governor Doug Ducey announced today that Turf Paradise Race Course owner Jerry Simms has personally donated $1 million to the AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund, established to provide financial support to organizations providing essential aid to those affected by COVID-19. Turf Paradise also recently donated $25,000 worth of food to St. Mary’s Food Bank. “Businesses throughout the state have done tremendous … Read More

Guest Editorial: Digging Into the Scottsdale Races for Mayor and City Council

By Recker McDowell — New campaign fundraising numbers in Scottsdale show advantages for Virginia Korte and Suzanne Klapp in the mayoral race and some financial strength for City Council candidates Tammy Caputi, John Little and Bill Crawford. Candidates have filed first quarter 2020 campaign finance reports with the city of Scottsdale. In the race for mayor, Korte raised $95,071 in … Read More

Guest Editorial: We’re Here To Help

By City of Scottsdale Economic Development Department  — As a Scottsdale business, we want you to know we are here to help. The City of Scottsdale has launched the Scottsdale Small Business Assistance Center designed to serve as a one-stop shop for Scottsdale businesses looking for information and guidance on available assistance programs during the COVID-19 crisis. We know how cumbersome … Read More


Imprinted on pop culture by a cultish comedic movie, “Bueller?” is a phrase meant to convey waiting for a response when there is none. And that’s how we feel nearly one week after stating in no uncertain terms how deficient Scottsdale leadership has been to aid decimated tourism-related businesses despite having the means to do so. Think about it.  Congress, … Read More

Scottsdale’s Indecisiveness Pandemic

We get Scottsdale city government has many priorities right now, especially to its first responders and health care infrastructure. But when an industry like tourism, which is 35% of the city’s economy, cries out for help it is shocking and infuriating no one at the City of Scottsdale is showing the type of leadership desperately needed. It is not as … Read More