Arizona Right To Life Endorses John McCain

By: Friends of John McCain Phoenix, AZ– Arizona Right to Life endorsed John McCain’s reelection to the U.S. Senate, citing his lifelong support for pro-life policies and Arizona families. National Right to Life also endorsed John McCain’s reelection earlier this year. “All Arizonans who are concerned with protecting the sanctity of life and advocating for our most vulnerable should vote … Read More

Arizona Right to Life Endorses Andy Biggs

By: Biggs for Congress Gilbert -The Arizona Right to Life, one of Arizona’s leading pro-life organizations, endorsed Andy Biggs for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. Andy Biggs released the following statement: “There is nothing more important than defending life. I have made it a foundation of my time in public service to ensure that all life – from the moment of conception, to … Read More

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum Endorses Andy Biggs

By: Biggs for Congress Gilbert – Former Presidential candidate and Former Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Rick Santorum endorsed Andy Biggs for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. Senator Santorum, a prominent national leader in the movement to defend pro-life and pro-family issues, had this to say about Senator Andy Biggs:  “In the race to replace Congressman Salmon, there is one candidate that stands above the … Read More

Goldwater Institute scores victory in Indian Child Welfare Act case

By: Timothy Sandefur, The Goldwater Insitute The Goldwater Institute scored a critical victory for a little girl in danger of being taken from the only family she has ever known. This victory before the Arizona Court of Appeals also boosts the Goldwater Institute’s ongoing federal challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act. The little girl known as “A.D.” was born … Read More

Governor Scott Walker Endorses Andy Biggs

By: Andy Biggs “Andy has a plan to reform Washington and rein in the out-of-control federal government” Gilbert – Today, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced his endorsement for Andy Biggs to replace retiring Congressman Matt Salmon in Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. Governor Walker, widely-acclaimed by conservatives across America for taking on special interests and winning, becomes the latest major conservative … Read More

My Turn: Why I picked Andy Biggs to replace me as congressman

By: Matt Salmon Arizona Republic August 7, 2016 It wasn’t a hard decision to leave Congress. I missed my wife, my children and my grandchildren. No matter how hard I was able to fight for the futures of my loved ones in Washington, D.C., every time I came home I was reminded of how much I was leaving behind – and … Read More

New Phoenix Property Tax Increase Passes By 5-4 Vote

Statement by Councilman Sal DiCiccio, who opposed tax increase, says small businesses and seniors will be hit the hardest. The vote was the closest vote in city history and shows fiscal irresponsibility of the tax increase. “This was nothing more than a money grab by Phoenix Politicians who refuse to practice basic fiscal responsibility and accountability.” Phoenix has the highest revenue … Read More


By Sal DiCiccio Why are you paying huge water bills and ever increasing taxes? Government waste.   This week alone Phoenix politicians voted again to give away your money: $10 million contract given to a private company just to let people know about recycling $1.5 million payout to Union Bosses as part of a backroom deal hidden from the public … Read More

Ron Paul Endorses Kelli Ward

By Restore The Constitution Coalition Breitbart News Reported: Libertarian icon and former candidate for President of the United States Ron Paul is endorsing Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate from Arizona in the Republican primary against five-term incumbent Sen. John McCain. Dr. Paul says in a letter to fellow family practice physician Ward: As a physician, you have seen first­hand … Read More

Decline to Sign! Say NO to Leftist Ballot Measures in Arizona

Dear Arizona Taxpayer, Leftists and union bosses from California are currently collecting signatures for three bad propositions they want to put on Arizona’s November ballot: -An anti-free speech measure that would put your name and personal information onto a publicly-available government database if you donate to non-profit organizations. It would also give state bureaucrats the power to audit and investigate … Read More