New Phoenix Property Tax Increase Passes By 5-4 Vote

Statement by Councilman Sal DiCiccio, who opposed tax increase, says small businesses and seniors will be hit the hardest. The vote was the closest vote in city history and shows fiscal irresponsibility of the tax increase. “This was nothing more than a money grab by Phoenix Politicians who refuse to practice basic fiscal responsibility and accountability.” Phoenix has the highest revenue … Read More


By Sal DiCiccio Why are you paying huge water bills and ever increasing taxes? Government waste.   This week alone Phoenix politicians voted again to give away your money: $10 million contract given to a private company just to let people know about recycling $1.5 million payout to Union Bosses as part of a backroom deal hidden from the public … Read More

Ron Paul Endorses Kelli Ward

By Restore The Constitution Coalition Breitbart News Reported: Libertarian icon and former candidate for President of the United States Ron Paul is endorsing Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate from Arizona in the Republican primary against five-term incumbent Sen. John McCain. Dr. Paul says in a letter to fellow family practice physician Ward: As a physician, you have seen first­hand … Read More

Decline to Sign! Say NO to Leftist Ballot Measures in Arizona

Dear Arizona Taxpayer, Leftists and union bosses from California are currently collecting signatures for three bad propositions they want to put on Arizona’s November ballot: -An anti-free speech measure that would put your name and personal information onto a publicly-available government database if you donate to non-profit organizations. It would also give state bureaucrats the power to audit and investigate … Read More

Why I support Prop 123 – and you should too!

By Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Council District 6 Dear friends, I wanted to pass along five reasons why I support Prop 123, the May 17 special election referendum to help fund Arizona’s public K-12 schools. 1) $3.5 billion – that’s BILLION – for schools without raising taxes! 2) We’re using the state land trust, which exists to support public schools! 3) The state … Read More

My Difficult Decision

By Matt Salmon For the past three years, I’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you, both in Washington and around the beautiful East Valley. Unfortunately, this great honor brings with it a heavy price tag. Spending so much time in Washington, D.C. means I get to spend very little of it back home with my beautiful wife Nancy and my … Read More

Dead On Arrival: A Goldwater Institute investigative report

The Goldwater Institute has been the driving force in the Right To Try movement, which seeks to allow dying patients with no other options to access investigational medicines. The Right to Try has already become law in 24 states with bipartisan support. But some opposition remains. The primary argument against the Right To Try is the U.S. Food and Drug … Read More

My Endorsement

By South Carolina Senator Tim Scott Our nation’s future is on the line this election. We must nominate a strong conservative leader who will fight at all costs for our country and put our citizen’s needs before their own. We need the person that can defeat Hillary Clinton next fall to be our nominee. That’s why today, less than three … Read More