PHOENIX – State Treasurer Jeff DeWit presented Arizona State Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Yee the 2017 Hero of the Arizona State Treasurer’s Office award for her sponsorship of SB 1448 this past session. “The changes made in this legislation will lead to many millions more in earnings from the investments in our office,’’ Treasurer DeWit said. “Majority Leader Yee’s knowledge … Read More

Arizona is becoming a car capital for a new technology era

By Governor Doug Ducey (Originally published by CNCB) Things move quickly in Arizona. In July 2016, when I wrote an op-ed for the 10th anniversary of CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business series, I talked about how our state is slashing red tape and embracing the new economy. What a difference a year makes. Since then, Google began offering Arizonans … Read More

Want health care reform? Look to the states.

By the Goldwater Institute For seven years, leaders in Washington have promised to repeal Obamacare, but as we saw this week, Congress doesn’t seem any closer to real health care reform. The good news is that there’s an opportunity for action in our 50 states. Take the dental care crisis, for example. Did you know that 18 percent of lower-income … Read More

Arizona Endowment Investments Managed by AZ State Treasurer's Office Sets New All-Time Record of $5.57 Billion

By State Treasurer Jeff DeWit PHOENIX – The Permanent Land Endowment Trust Fund, also referred to the Schools’ Endowment, reached another new milestone under State Treasurer Jeff DeWit growing to $5.57 billion at the end of April 2017. “The hard work and incredible staff at the State Treasurer’s Office continues to produce great investment results,” Treasurer Jeff DeWit said. “After … Read More

The Height of Absurdity

by Andy Biggs Friend, The false claim that Trump conspired with Russia to engineer the 2016 election has reached the height of absurdity. The media and Democrats are trying to bamboozle the country by conflating several isolated incidents. I just wrote in the Washington-Examiner that  they have no evidence but have created a story that combines the allegations about the Russians and … Read More

We need to split the 9th Circuit

By Senator Jeff Flake Enough is enough. The “9th Circus” madness must end. Arizonans deserve justice from the mountain west, not California. That’s why I’ve sponsored a bill to move Arizona into a new circuit. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is too large to be effective and has been for too long. 20% of our nation’s population lives in … Read More

Good graft’ runs up Phoenix cost of housing for the poor

By Sal DiCiccio 6th District, Phoenix City Council Do you know what modern government corruption looks like? In order to see it, you’ll first need to let go of many of the stereotypes you hold true. For example, many believe the government helps the poor. The truth, however, is a ruse as old as civilization: Government takes on a worthy … Read More

US News Ranking: 5 of America's Top 10 Public High Schools in AZ

By Team Ducey Friend – Arizona’s been in the national spotlight for educational excellence this month. This week, five Arizona high schools made the U.S. News & World Report top ten public high schools in the nation — more than any other state. We know how to educate a child in Arizona, and Governor Ducey is working hard to ensure … Read More

Corporate Welfare: PHX Politicians Hand Millions to out of State Corporation

By Sal DiCiccio Phoenix City Council Member Councilman Danny Valenzuela calls this a “good deal.” I call it INSANE. This is the same logic some of the same politicians used when they used your money to build the Sheraton losing $145 million of your hard-working taxpayers dollars. Money that could’ve gone for more police on our streets. Please read this … Read More