Establishment and Status Quo Lose Big

 in Midterms

  By Sal DiCiccio City of Phoenix Councilman, District 6 6 words to sum up yesterday’s election: Establishment and status quo lose big Republicans made big gains in the Senate, ensuring a lock on judicial appointments and Democrats made gains in the House, ensuring a slowdown of the Republican economic and social agenda. Republicans maintain control of the states in the … Read More

While Others Put Politics First…

By Syms for Arizona While others put politics First, Representative Maria Syms did something about it for Education Representative Maria Syms is the ONLY District 28 House Candidate that: Voted for and passed a 20% raise for public school teachers Voted for and passed a historic $1.5 billion investment in public education Voted for and passed new funding and a $1 billion … Read More

Ensuring Justice for All

By Goldwater Institute Ensuring Justice For All: Texas Judge Rules on Indian Child Welfare Act  When Martin Luther King wrote that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds,” he spoke with that characteristic confidence of his that justice would, in the end, be done … Read More

Sal DiCiccio & Sam Stone: Fighting for You!

by Sal DiCiccio Friends, As many of you know, unlike the rest of the world, for governments the year ends on June 30th, and a new year begins July 1st. It’s been a long year, and while our country may be in the midst of the worst internal conflict and strife we’ve seen since the 1960s, here in Phoenix – … Read More

Statement by Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio

Phoenix is closing on the downtown Sheraton sale, remember that the real loss to taxpayers is $252 Million. The politicians and government staff who pushed this hotel are now forcing the public to pay for their mistakes. I have submitted a public information request to the city manager demanding the names of each and every person– politicians and government staff … Read More

Breaking: DiCiccio Calls for Vote on City Manager Position

Friends, This is the letter I just sent to City Manager Ed Zuercher. The continued failure of City Staff to execute their basic responsibility under this City Manager is inexcusable – just look at the complete failure to address the needs of our community in South Phoenix, where City staff is in the process of pushing a bad plan down … Read More

Kudos to Congress!

By The Goldwater Institute Partisan gridlock in Congress is often the rule, but there are the occasional and notable exceptions. In the recent spending bill, lawmakers successfully repealed the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)—one of the most extreme examples of consolidated, unchecked government power in American history. As the only organization to have challenged IPAB in court, we’re celebrating the … Read More

Open letter to citizens, staff, family, and friends

By Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers Last week I received a call from the media asking me to comment on Congressman Trent Franks’ pending resignation and wanted to know if I would be forming a committee to run for that office. To say the least, I was stunned. But even more than that, I was forced to look at the possibility … Read More

How effective are AZ schools?

by Team Ducey Friend — Arizona public schools are helping students make real educational gains. A recent New York Times article analyzed school districts across the country to determine whose students were learning the most between 3rd and 8th grades. They found three of the top 20 public school districts in the nation are in Arizona. Students in the Chandler, … Read More