Guest Editorial: Bond vs Brains

By Scottsdale Pinetop Here we go again. Once again, the future of a potential bond measure relies on the verdict of an indecisive City Council. What should have been an easy discussion to address many of Scottsdale’s infrastructure needs turned into a brawling match between City Council members – drawing political lines in the Arizona sand.  There’s no doubt that … Read More

Dinner with Wolves Success

By Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center In addition to being home for 13 Mexican gray wolves, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, hosted their annual fundraiser Dinner with Wolves sponsored by My Sister’s Closet. Congratulations to the organizers Ann Damiano, Pam Wugalter and our own Director of Education Nikki Julien. Thanks to their planning and hard work, the event raised over $45,000 to be … Read More

Guest Editorial: Another Senate Seat Up For Grabs?

By Scottsdale Pinetop A war hero, an Arizona Senator and a presidential candidate. The legacy and political career of Senator John McCain has become a staple of Arizona’s pioneering identity. Diagnosed with brain cancer last summer, the Senator has been in and out of hospital treatments for the past year. With the future of McCain’s health uncertain, so is the … Read More

Scottsdale Stadium vs. The Desert Discovery Center

Once again, the ill-conceived Desert Discovery Center/Desert Edge (DDC) is dividing and hurting Scottsdale. That’s the only clear takeaway after last night’s Scottsdale City Council hearing. To explain what happened allow us to provide a little history. Scottsdale Stadium has been an integral part of downtown for decades.  It’s there that legions of baseball fans from San Francisco and the … Read More

Guest Editorial: Arizona Dreamers’ Educations Futures Uncertain. They Shouldn’t Be.

By Scottsdale Pinetop What a shame. Across the state, thousands of Arizona public college DACA students are reeling from Monday’s news. Recently, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously ruled that in order for DACA recipients to attend any of the state’s three universities or community colleges they’re going to have to pay a higher tuition. Unfortunately for many of these Arizona … Read More

Clash Of The Titans?

Over the past two plus decades in Scottsdale there have been two epic campaign contests for Mayor.  In 1996 Diana Smith (wife of former Councilman David Smith) spent a major chunk of her own change to almost upset the presumptive frontrunner, Sam Campana.  Almost.  And then in 2008 then Councilman Jim Lane challenged a vulnerable Mayor Mary Manross, very narrowly … Read More

Guest Editorial: New BASIS Campus Great News For Scottsdale

By Scottsdale Pinetop When it comes to charter schools people either celebrate them as an alternative to underachieving public schools or accuse them as a flawed outcome in failed education reform. Regardless of opinion, it’s hard to discredit charter schools’ growth throughout the U.S. Leading the way is the BASIS Curriculum Schools network, regarded as the best charter school system … Read More

Guest Editorial: Helping Make Scottsdale Student Dreams Come True

By Scottsdale Pinetop The recent events of local high school robotics teams is a classic Cinderella story. Against the odds, three of Scottsdale’s high school robotics teams advanced to the FIRST® Championships, an international robotics tournament held in Houston, Texas. But their celebration was short lived after discovering that teams from Chaparral, Desert Mountain and Saugaro might not be able … Read More

Would Electing Councilpersons by Districts be a Good Idea?  

  By Virginia Korte I believe the City Council does an exceptional job of representing citizens, no matter where you live. I feel I can speak for everyone on the Council when I say we work hard to treat everyone and every issue the same: thoughtfully and thoroughly. But as I have conversations with people throughout our community, some ask … Read More