Guest Editorial: A Good Choice

By Scottsdale Pinetop Sometimes the good guys finish first. It’s always a special moment when we get to recognize local individuals that go above and beyond the call of duty. This is the case for Scottsdale resident and renowned Arizona attorney Michael Liburdi.   In his latest wave of judicial nominees, President Trump announced his intention to nominate Michael Liburdi … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Jerk

By Scottsdale Watchman In 1979, comedic genius Steve Martin starred in a box office smash, “The Jerk.” We won’t get into the details of the movie here, but rest assured that it earned its spot on a list of Top 25 comedies of all time. Cranky Scottsdale landlord Dewey Schade is no funny man like Martin. He’s just Scottsdale’s version … Read More

Undecided Winning

Scottsdale’s large next door neighbor is having its election March 12th to replace former Phoenix Mayor and now Congressman Greg Stanton.   But soon enough the race to replace term-limited Mayor, Jim Lane, in the “West’s Most Western Town” may take the form of a shootout at the OK Corral.   Buzz is swirling around a political heavyweight match-up between … Read More

Guest Editorial: Office Space

By The Happy Wanderer In Old Town Scottsdale, we shatter stereotypes. Instead of building a boring history museum, we created the interactive and entertaining Museum of the West. Instead of erecting an ugly run-of-the-mill apartment complex (the Broadstone Waterfront notwithstanding…), we built the Optima Camelview Village, which has garnered national architectural acclaim. Even Old Town’s gun stores shot through the … Read More

Guest Editorial: Hold the Phone!

By Scottsdale Pinetop Since their inception, automobiles have placed speed and power in the hands of individuals. But with any new freedom also come dramatic new risks – risks that our government has been forced to overcome. For the 80s, it was the increase of individuals drinking and driving. In the 90s, it was the enforcement of seat belts. Now … Read More

Guest Editorial: Time To Bring Some Permanence to Paradise Valley

By Scottsdale Watchman A town manager wears many hats. On any given day, he or she must interact with engineers, elected officials and eccentric citizens. In Arizona’s most posh municipality, Paradise Valley, a town manager’s tasks are no different. In August of last year, the Town Council tabbed Brian Dalke as Paradise Valley’s “Interim Town Manager.” For 23 years prior, … Read More

Guest Editorial: Odds & Ends

By Scottsdale Pinetop *With the government shutdown now approaching 32 days, the longest shutdown in U.S. history, concerns for workers at the Grand Canyon National Park continue to build. Park employees have not received a paycheck in weeks. Local resident, Michael Scott, the coordinator of the Grand Canyon Food Pantry, has been delivering around 250 pounds of food every day … Read More

Guest Editorial: Finding Funding To Renovate Scottsdale Stadium⚾

By Virginia Korte One of the most important issues the City Council will address this year is the cost and scope of renovating Scottsdale Stadium, the spring training home of the San Francisco Giants.   You may recall the original stadium was built in 1956 and, using voter-approved bond funds, it was replaced with a new building in 1992.  The last … Read More

Guest Editorial: SHAZAM!

By the Happy Wanderer Play-by-play announcer Al McCoy has been the voice of the Phoenix Suns for generations of radio listeners. For over 50 years, his calls have instantly transported us from wherever we are to sitting courtside right beside him. McCoy’s trademark call is “SHAZAM!” Hearing him say it, a listener knows that a Suns player has nailed a … Read More