Democratic Hypocrisy: Mesnard Right. McCune Davis Wrong.

Republicans are evil.  Single handedly they are responsible for squeezing the middle class.  This is the constant Democratic Party refrain. Except in Arizona, apparently. Here, the donkeys are skewering the middle class via their opposition to HB 2611.  On this issue they are being led by nanny state sycophant Debbie McCune Davis.  Once upon a time she led a proper … Read More

Solar Homes Sell Faster And For Higher Prices; Real Data Undermines Utility-Sponsored Rhetoric; Proves More Regulation Not Needed

An analysis of Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) residential sales data for the past six months show that homes with solar actually sell faster and at much higher prices than homes without solar. Through the end of 2014, homes with either owned or leased solar systems outpaced sales of non-solar homes significantly. Contrary to what proponents of APS-backed SB1465 … Read More

Rooting For The Republic

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio once did a campaign television commercial where he threw copies of the Arizona Republic in the trash.  While a congressional candidate over a decade ago current Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio ripped the Valley’s paper of record similarly in direct mail.  Others, most notably conservative blogs, cheer daily its hoped for demise. Don’t count us … Read More

The Inevitable Fall Of Arizona Public Service

A good man used to say “all politics is local.” Whether true or not there’s no doubt it’s cyclical. Today, Arizona Public Service (APS) is feeling pretty good about itself.  Attempting to foil innovation and more energy choice is its new way of doing business.  After all, the company effectively owned, in the political sense that is, immediate past Arizona … Read More

Return To Sender, Please

Scottsdale is a wonderful place and has rightfully been recognized by many for effective city government. But several years back there was a movement to import personnel from Phoenix, led by long-time Phoenix Planning David Richert who later became Scottsdale City Manager. Richert was and is a fine man, but some of his hires well, not so much. Some of … Read More

Thank God

Editorials are usually 500 words of trope and tripe about this and that. But to this all we have to say is what very good news it is to have Tom Horne back in the private sector.  And out of government.  Where he was a walking embarrassment and shameless scoundrel.   MY FIRST DAY AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN I want … Read More

Scottsdale’s YariWorld: It’s Damn Impressive

Pundits are always lauding vision. Where is it? Who has it? Why isn’t there more of it. Scottsdale is fortunate. Leadership and vision have led to impressive achievements like the Indian Bend Wash, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale Center for the Arts and Civic Center and the Waterfront Canal, to name just a few points of pride. In its own way … Read More

Tempe: The Greater, Gooder Place

There exist three and a half noteworthy downtowns in the Valley. Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe, with the half going to Glendale. Mesa’s doesn’t count as it is a beautiful performing arts venue surrounded by Fallujah. Chandler is making a move thanks to San Tan Brewing Company but still has quite a ways to go. That brings us to Tempe, which … Read More

Hold The Line Paradise Valley

According to insightful reporting at the Paradise Valley Independent , the denizens of density behind the proposed Ritz-Carlton hotel and townhouse development in Paradise Valley are back. This time the “We’re Baaack” is likely to be a noisier poltergeist for residents than the last time around. So why are they returning to the political theater now? A couple of reasons. … Read More

The Smile & The Gray Hair

Northeast Valley residents saw change after the recent elections. The Town of Paradise Valley will see the most after movings, goings and retirements. And Scottsdale will incur some too as those more cautious about the city’s growth trajectory were narrowly favored. While others could certainly be noted, one victor in each municipality exemplifies the marketplace filling that which they constantly … Read More