Odds & Starts To The Week

*With the retirement of long-time Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek, Phoenix City Councilman Bill Gates becomes the prohibitive favorite in the race to replace.  It will be interesting to see if anyone of significance steps forward for what may be a fool’s mission. *Celebrity pollster Frank Luntz will be making a Paradise Valley appearance this week at a fundraiser benefiting … Read More

How To Put More Style In Scottsdale Fashion Square’s Height & Density Requests

We are fans of what Scottsdale Fashion Square is seeking to redevelop and stay relevant in a rapidly changing retail landscape.  But it is a lot.  While Mayor Lane and others have turned off the subsidy spigots for developers generous heights are another form of the same.  That’s why the Scottsdale City Council shouldn’t simply be acquiescent obligers.  They should … Read More

Revival Road & 2022 GOP Craziness

Today’s bombshell announcement that popular and principled U.S. Congressman Matt Salmon would not seek re-election is a political earthquake in Arizona Republican circles.  Kudos poured in from diverse voices such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Kyrsten Sinema.  All of the kind words are deserved.  Now attention will turn to Salmon’s possible replacement.  Whoever wins the GOP primary in August will … Read More

Grade: A

Several weeks ago it seemed the demagogues were about to drive Scottsdale down by driving away the top school in the country and Scottsdale.  Economic developers in other cities were frothing: if the best city in the Valley said bye-bye to BASIS would or should any company say hello? Then Governor Ducey weighed in . . . and the Wall … Read More

Convergence Of Good & Bad

This weekend Canal Convergence returns to the Scottsdale Waterfront. It’s a wonderful concept and celebration of Scottsdale ingenuity at its best.  Turning a non-descript waterway into a campus for capitalism and, periodically, the arts.  For this we can applaud Scottsdale Public Art.  For this. But for two other reasons bureaucrats need to be held to account, or heads need to … Read More

Wall Street Journal Hits Scottsdale

In baseball a successful team needs good starting pitching and a good closer.  That’s how we view this editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal.  We started opining on the matter weeks ago.  But we can’t think of a better closing editorialist than the Wall Street Journal to lay bare what is now a national embarrassment for the city.  Hopefully, Scottsdale’s … Read More

Bigger Government In Scottsdale. Now, Please!

We don’t typically tout more government.  But Scottsdale is of the size and scope that more is needed.  And it would be one of the best reforms the city has ever adopted.  Here’s why. Last we checked members of the Scottsdale City Council were paid $24,000 per year while the Mayor gets $36,000.  They are supposed to be “part-time” jobs.  … Read More

We Like Her. So Should Scottsdale

We’d been hearing good things about new Scottsdale Unified School District Superintendent Denise Birdwell.  Like her moxy and focus on the destination, not the journey.  This stands in marked contrast to the recently departed David Peterson who etiolated the district.  And when this became apparent even to him Peterson bailed on his fellow bureaucrats, actually blaming two women on the … Read More

Shop Until Their Brains Drop

What morons. In this Age of Trump let’s dispense with editorial etiquette. We’re talking about the grumblings over Scottsdale Fashion Square’s redevelopment plans. Excuse us?  The beloved mall is facing an onslaught from online shopping. Barney’s is departing in a couple of months. Drive by 68th and Camelback and the Dillard’s parking lot. It looks like a ghost town. Restaurants … Read More

No Steroids In Scottsdale

The momentum in downtowns Tempe and Phoenix is undeniable.  It represents good news for every Valley resident.  But let’s be honest.  What’s taking place in those two city centers is a little like watching Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa awhile back, not Willie Mays. In Tempe, local taxpayers have forked over huge sums to create Town Lake.  After a slow … Read More