The Enduring Arpaio

Through all the fights, all the criticism, all the lawsuits, they still come. A parade really. Especially this year, when many thought the Sheriff of Maricopa County was on the decline. It must be rewarding to the octogenarian. All of the 2014 candidates for Arizona governor wanted his endorsement. Doug Ducey got it. And is showcasing the Sheriff on television. … Read More

Preserving our History by Mayor Greg Stanton

Friends, We may be a young city, but we have a rich history – and it’s our responsibility to preserve that history for future generations. When I learned that the Arizona Exposition and Fair Board planned to tear down the historic 1938 WPA building, we took action. The City issued a stop work order to call off the wrecking crew, … Read More

A Wasted Opportunity To Educate Arizona About Christine Jones

In early 2008 Barack Obama sat down with the editorial board of the Reno Gazette-Journal and attempted to wax eloquent on a variety of different topics. But it was the future President’s compliments about Ronald Reagan that captured the attention of Democratic primary voters for a time. Why? Because it was videotaped by the editorial board for the interested to … Read More

2014 Arizona Election Recommendations . . . And Those Who Should Be Rejected

It’s typical for opinionists to relay who should be entrusted with your vote. There is some of that below. But in some races we take the unusual step of telling you why others should be rejected. Ultimately, it’s your decision. But at least we can provide some compelling menu items for consideration. Governor: Doug Ducey. Jon Kyl served Arizona with … Read More

The Need To See Decency More Than Red

One of Arizona’s top political blogs for years has been It is not right. It is hard right. And the blog’s contributors defend their positions with courage and conviction. But this recent refrain from a post about Arizona Secretary of State and 2014 Republican aspirant for Governor was not such a post. The post in its entirety can be … Read More

The Difference Between Tom Horne & Bill Montgomery

As the travails of Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne continue, at least until he is voted out and down by state Republicans on August 26th, the honor and duty of law enforcement counterpart Bill Montgomery is a reminder that it didn’t have to be this way. Perhaps it is Montgomery’s military background. Perhaps it is a moral compass that focuses … Read More

Let’s Be More Artful At Scottsdale’s WestWorld, Not Artraegous

One of the finest baseball stadiums in the country is AT&T Park in San Francisco. Outside of an entrance sits an impressive statue of Willie Mays, the greatest Giant and player of all time. Cameras click as the sense of arrival is profound. Unknown is how this particular piece of art came to be. What is known is that someone … Read More

Easy Early Endorsements In Paradise Valley Elections

It is somewhat surprising in what is arguably Arizona’s most impressive community that the turnover on the Town Council is so substantial. A retiring Mayor. A relocating popular councilman named Schweiker and a previous top vote getter named Kirby choosing to devote more time to her elected position on the Scottsdale School Board. By acclimation Vice Mayor Michael Collins will … Read More