The Truth, The Whole Truth And Anything But The Truth

If someone comes before the Scottsdale City Council and while making public remarks flat out misleads (to put it mildly) the community’s governing body, can they be trusted further?  Should they?  In matters big or small?  In matters with the City Council or staff? That’s a fair question to ask in the case of Mr. Joseph Zemaitis. He heads a … Read More

ScottSpite Not Scottsdale: Why Museum Square Makes Sense Not Scott Jarson

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up. Scott Jarson is a local realtor. He’s one half of Jarson & Jarson Real Estate. The first line of his bio says that he was named “Scott” after “Scottsdale.”  Well, based on his recent actions, that’s where his supposed affinity for the community ends. You see, Jarson, who actually lives in Paradise Valley, … Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Allegations of illegal Activity and Sexual Misconduct Committed by Former Phoenix Councilperson and Current Candidate for Phoenix Mayor Daniel Valenzuela

The following press release was submitted to the Arizona Progress & Gazette. We would be happy to post a reponse from the Valenzuela campaign if one is available. Earlier this year, a young woman came forward with allegations of illegal activity and sexual misconduct committed by Daniel Valenzuela, a former Phoenix City Councilperson, current candidate for Mayor of the City … Read More

Guest Editorial: Don’t Be Fooled

By Scottsdale Pinetop Once again the radical fringes of political dishonesty and misinformation are attempting to confuse the voters and sway elections. APS is the champion at doing that. While on my way home, I passed a political yard sign saying “No on Prop 127 – Protect Arizona Schools.” The message attempts to convince Arizona voters to reject the Renewable Energy Standards … Read More

#LocalBuzz: Highs, Lows and In-Betweens

By Scottsdale Pinetop The Highs *Former Councilwoman Kate Gallego has been endorsed by former Mayor of Phoenix Terry Goddard. *Mark Phillips, former Managing Editor and Executive Producer for Sunday Square off at 12News, has joined Daniel Valenzuela’s team as Communications Director. *The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) PAC will be holding a silent auction fundraiser next Sunday for their endorsed candidates, … Read More

Guest Editorial: #TheyToo

By Scottsdale Pinetop After learning that new mothers within her community were placing their sleeping infants in boxes and dressers because they could not afford a proper crib, former mayor of Jackson, Michigan Karen Dunigan decided to take action. With all of her involvement in the community, she began making phone calls and requesting donations. Karen’s simple request brought a … Read More

What Happens If Scottsdale’s Proposition 420 Fails?

While Scottsdale’s Proposition 420 is heavily favored to prevail at the polls in November despite a notably dishonest campaign by opponents, it’s fair to ask what happens if it fails? A reminder that Proposition 420 is the noble initiative brought forth by some 37,000 citizens to require public votes on projects like the Desert Discovery Center (DDC) that seek to … Read More

Guest Editorial: Rabbit’s Foot

By Scottsdale Pinetop As the lore goes, touching the foot of a rabbit three or four times will bring good luck. Actors have been known to stroke a bunny’s paw before going on stage or filming a big scene. Athletic coaches often wear out several rabbit’s feet during a single season. While the superstition of the rabbit’s foot has changed … Read More

Guest Editorial: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

By Scottsdale Pinetop In last week’s Phoenix mayoral debate, 12News moderator Braham Resnik asked each candidate “Will being Mayor of Phoenix be a full-time job for you?” Kate Gallego: “Yes” Nicholas Sarwark: “Yes” Moses Sanchez: “Yes” Daniel Valenzuela: “I intend in serving my community as a firefighter in the West Valley and as Mayor.” Excuse me? That’s not the answer … Read More