Tempe: The Greater, Gooder Place

There exist three and a half noteworthy downtowns in the Valley. Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe, with the half going to Glendale. Mesa’s doesn’t count as it is a beautiful performing arts venue surrounded by Fallujah. Chandler is making a move thanks to San Tan Brewing Company but still has quite a ways to go. That brings us to Tempe, which … Read More

Hold The Line Paradise Valley

According to insightful reporting at the Paradise Valley Independent , the denizens of density behind the proposed Ritz-Carlton hotel and townhouse development in Paradise Valley are back. This time the “We’re Baaack” is likely to be a noisier poltergeist for residents than the last time around. So why are they returning to the political theater now? A couple of reasons. … Read More

The Smile & The Gray Hair

Northeast Valley residents saw change after the recent elections. The Town of Paradise Valley will see the most after movings, goings and retirements. And Scottsdale will incur some too as those more cautious about the city’s growth trajectory were narrowly favored. While others could certainly be noted, one victor in each municipality exemplifies the marketplace filling that which they constantly … Read More

NCAA Coming to Phoenix in 2017

Friends of District 7, I couldn’t be more thrilled and proud to have the Phoenix selected for the 2017 Men’s Final Four, a culmination of March Madness and the finale to the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. Much like Super Bowl 49 and the 2016 College Football Championship Game, the Final Four will have significant components of its activities centered in … Read More

Explaining The Noteworthy Scottsdale City Council Election Results

Once upon a time a five or six story office building was built at Scottsdale & Camelback Roads. Those who voted for it were swept out of office. As sure as the sun rises the ebb and flow of “slow growth” and “pro business” candidates occurs in Scottsdale elections. But that it happened so soon in Scottsdale on November 4th, … Read More

Classless Candidate Concessions (The Bi-Partisan Version)

Whether one likes him or not the gold standard for candidate concession speeches was Al Gore following his gut-wrenching, Flordia vote counting loss in 2000. It was the epitome of class and decency. Contrast his approach with two on Tuesday night in Arizona, Wendy Rogers and Fred Duval. First, Rogers. This was her statement. “I want to thank my friends, … Read More

So What Might Happen If Michele Reagan Beats Cardon & Goddard?

An opinion that bears repeating after Arizona’s election results Tuesday.The following was originally Published February 13 There’s an old observation in politics that just about anyone who gets elected to anything starts seeing themselves being President of the United States. After Goldwater, Udall, Babbitt and McCain that may not be true for Arizonans but you get the point. But it … Read More

In Need Of A New Consultant Class

As nearly always New York Times’ Columnist David Brooks made one think Tuesday about the numbing and dumbing of American elections. Here is a link. He assigns blame to political consultant sameness indicting the Mitt Romney presidential campaign among others for a lack of ideas and imagination. It is deserved. Poll driven campaigns are inherently reactive, almost like trench warfare, … Read More

Valley History Being Created As It Goes Away

Wringing hands likely doesn’t do justice to the exercise of Valley old-timers these days. Pinnacle Peak Patio and Greasewood Flat in Scottsdale are going away next year. Today we learned Monti’s La Casa Vieja, the oldest restaurant in Arizona, is closing in just two weeks. And this follows the closure of landmark Mexican restaurant Tia Rosa’s in Mesa. Well, at … Read More

Peoria Wants Glendale To Squeal Like A Pig

As the conventional Arizona wisdom goes, the City of Glendale is a bunch of suckers. That’s what has caused their financial turmoil people say. Whether one is a sexy Dodger, Cabela’s or Coyote open the kimono and let them have one’s way with scantily clad protections for Glendale taxpayers. History will determine if these decisions were wise and progressive with … Read More