Guest Editorial: A Flagrant Foul: The University Of Arizona Reminds Us Of A Fundamental Issue With The NCAA

By Robert Rich The University of Arizona has gained national acclaim for its prestigious Division-1 basketball team. Only last summer, blue-chip prospect & Wildcat alumni Deandre Ayton was drafted first overall to the Phoenix Suns in the 2018 draft. However, the foundation in which the program was fostered appears to be crooked to its core. The University has reportedly spent … Read More

Guest Editorial: Ward’s Never Ending Game of Political Musical Chairs

By Scottsdale Pinetop It seems these days Dr. Kelli Ward spends her days running to the next open political seat. And every time she’s left without a chair. Twice Ward has run for the U.S. Senate seat and both times she has never made it past the primary. Now she’s focusing her attention on becoming the next chair of the … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Novus Movement: Tempe’s Novus Innovation Corridor Promises Major Growth

by Robert Rich Anyone traveling through Downtown Tempe may have noticed the developing face-lift spanning from University Drive to Rural Road. While Tempe is no stranger to construction, the Novus Innovation Center promises to completely re-shape the landscape for both residences and businesses close to Arizona State University. The project is dropping its next phase and powering ahead. Amongst the … Read More

Guest Editorial: Run Up to the Runoff

By Scottsdale Pinetop It’s been a whirlwind of an election season. After a chaotic Arizona’s U.S. Senate that dominated media headlines, the Phoenix mayoral runoff election is expected to be a quiet finale to the 2018 election season. But that doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, who will lead the nation’s fifth largest city might just be the … Read More


Ding dong the Desert Discovery Center (DDC) is dead.  According to this new article at, that is.   What good news. But is that where the resonance of this chapter of citizen rights and achievement ends? Well, let’s look at some fascinating voter data. Proposition 420, the citizen’s initiative brought by Desert Discovery Center opponents to effectively kill it, passed … Read More

Kathy The King

The margin of Kathy Littlefield’s re-election to the Scottsdale City Council on November 6th was notable.  As her husband opines, it just may be the largest number of votes ever received by a City Council candidate. There’s no doubt the salience and organization of Proposition 420 had a lot to with Littlefield’s success.  But there’s another reason, and there’s simply no other way … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Fab Five Return

By: Scottsdale Pinetop They marched, they ran and they won. It has been a historic year for women candidates with a record-breaking number of women now holding federal and state offices. But this isn’t something new for Arizona politics. Even with the momentum of the #MeToo and Year of the Woman movement, Arizona has continued its tradition of leading the … Read More

Odds & Ends To The Week

*2018 definitely proved to be a “Year of the Woman” when it came to state and national politics. Somewhat lost among the results was Kate Gallego’s dismantling of the field in the Phoenix Mayor’s race. She topped former Councilman Danny Valenzuela, the overwhelming favorite of developers, by a whopping 19 point margin. They both now head to a March run-off … Read More

An Arizona Example Why The Public Gets Frustrated With The Media

There’s much bashing of the media these days.  It can be incessant and over the top.  For the most part members of the media are like any other industry.  They are good, hard-working people, guided by solid ethics. Yet, there are times when one has to scratch their head and wonder if critics aren’t really on to something.  Such is … Read More