Barking At Bond Shadows

With one or two exceptions, Scottsdale has a coterie of often well-meaning watchdogs. You see their comments on this blog, on social media, and at the end of hundreds of online articles. Sometimes they alert us to real problems, as with the DDC.  But sometimes they bark at shadows, as a couple are doing with the Scottsdale bond questions. If … Read More

Guest Editorial: What’s Up With The Bonds?

By Scottsdale City Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield Dear Friends: On November 5, 2019 Scottsdale Voters will be asked to approve three bond questions totaling $319M to fund capital projects in Scottsdale. Because I am a member of the Council Capital Improvement Plan Subcommittee (along with Councilmembers Klapp and Philips), I have been getting many questions about how this package was put … Read More

Guest Editorial: Why The Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association Supports Not Just The Public Safety Question On The November Ballot

By Sasha Weller — The Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association’s support for Scottsdale’s $319 million bond package is based on far more than the much needed items that directly address public safety. That’s because most if not all of the spending plan will benefit public safety either directly or indirectly. And that’s why I am voting yes in November and it’s … Read More

Guest Editorial: Papago Plaza Lives On — And In a Good Way

By Recker McDowell — Papago Plaza isn’t completely going away. The shopping center is being demolished and will be redeveloped. But its name is going to ring on at Scottsdale and McDowell roads. That’s a positive. Papago Plaza has seen its better days. But it is part of Scottsdale’s history and having the retro name live on gives the redevelopment … Read More

Guest Editorial: Paying It Forward

By Don Henninger You may know it as the story of a junior high school teacher who assigns his class to come up with an idea to change the world and then go do it. One of his students creates a way of “paying forward” favors that helps a single mother. But more. It creates a wave of human kindness … Read More

Scottsdale Should Look at Conservative Arizona Supreme Court’s Ruling Affirming Medical Marijuana as It Considers Southern Scottsdale’s First and Only Dispensary

The conservative Arizona Supreme Court just sent a resounding message on medical marijuana — listen to the will of voters and let patients determine what’s best for their own health. The ruling shouldn’t be lost in Scottsdale as the city looks at a proposal for the first and only medical marijuana dispensary between Via de Ventura and Tempe. The Arizona … Read More

Guest Editorial: An Axe to Grind in Downtown Phoenix’s Warehouse District

By Recker McDowell — Urban Axes — a bar concept that combines socializing with axe throwing — is opening a new location in downtown Phoenix’s Warehouse District. The business model is a somewhat akin to Top Golf just substitute axe throwing for hitting golf balls. Urban Axes already has locations in Austin, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Houston, Cincinnati and Durham, North … Read More

Guest Editorial: Seeing the Artistic Forest Through the Instagram Trees; How Important the Intersection of Art & Social Media Is For Tourism, Economic Development

By Jessica Troy — Instagram is full of millions of selfies. It’s what is behind those selfies and Instagram posts that is becoming more and more important to tourism, economic development and the experiences of visitors and locals. An abstract mural or unique sculpture or desert visuals in Scottsdale or other parts of metro Phoenix can be economic and tourism … Read More