A Message For The Scottsdale Community

By Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Chief of Police Alan Rodbell, City Manager Jim Thompson — Scottsdale joins our nation in expressing outrage over the senseless death of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis, and our compassion and support for his family and those left behind. With the officers responsible for his death being criminally charged, it is our hope … Read More

Letter To The City of Scottsdale

Dear Mayor Lane, Jim Thompson and Chief Rodbell: There are a multitude of unanswered questions swarming about. It will take time to sort it all out and get to the bottom to determine where the accountability lies ( or not ). I understand that this melee was unprecedented, I understand that there was very little time to assess but I … Read More

Breaking News: Weekend Protests Planned in Scottsdale

A message from the Scottsdale Police Department and Crime Prevention Unit: In preparation for protests that may occur over the weekend, numerous traffic restrictions will be in place through the weekend. We have heard of possible protests scheduled for Friday evening at Fashion Square and Sunday evening in Old Town Scottsdale. We have no other information at this time and will … Read More

The Question Unasked

Did Scottsdale PD do a good job or a bad job dealing with looters and criminals on Saturday night?  It’s all anyone in town is talking about, including Governor Ducey.  Notably, he is encouraging cities to handle any future situations like Phoenix, not Scottsdale.  PD has made up some public opinion ground with spin and goal post moving after the … Read More

Good Guy & Charlatan Ortega

Councilman Guy Phillips has often surprised the Scottsdale electorate with plucky campaigns.  His re-election campaign this year is no exception. Scottsdale restaurants, in particular, have been devastated financially by the pandemic.  They lost the months most critical to their annual survival. But even when allowed by Governor Doug Ducey to re-open on May 11th, a combination of strict rules and … Read More

Guest Editorial: Mesa Helps Restaurants With Social Distancing

By Recker McDowell — The city of Mesa is allowing restaurants to expand into outdoor spaces as they deal with social distancing and COVID-19 protocols. Mesa joins other cities, including Tempe, in easing codes and lifting permit fees to allow for outdoor expansions. Social distancing makes it difficult if not impossible for some restaurants and shops to have enough existing … Read More

Scottsdale Down

The movie White House Down came out in 2013.  It focused on terrorists seizing control of the most famous residence in the world.  Fortunately, it was fictitious.  What happened in Scottsdale last night as its house collapsed was anything but. Why has it unnerved and angered so many in the city? Because government failed, so obviously, at its most important … Read More