Virginia Korte’s Trump Card, If She Knows How To Play It

Scottsdale city government isn’t the only thing being paralyzed by a pandemic.  So are political campaigns. Traditional ways of electioneering and fundraising have been upended.  Precise messaging is going to matter more than ever, especially with the contest to be Scottsdale’s next Mayor taking shape.  We’ll know on Monday who is in and who is out.  That’s when candidate petitions … Read More

Scottsdale’s Indecisiveness Pandemic

We get Scottsdale city government has many priorities right now, especially to its first responders and health care infrastructure. But when an industry like tourism, which is 35% of the city’s economy, cries out for help it is shocking and infuriating no one at the City of Scottsdale is showing the type of leadership desperately needed. It is not as … Read More

Guest Editorial: COVID-19 Job Losses Are Scary; It’s Up To Us How We React

By Recker McDowell — The Coronavirus threatens 19.8 million jobs nationwide by July and could take the U.S. unemployment rate up to 15.6 percent, according to the Economic Policy Institute. Close to 396,000 jobs could be impacted in Arizona and the state unemployment rate could hit to 15.4 percent with layoffs, job cuts and furloughs. Arizona’s unemployment rate was 4.5 … Read More

Virginia Korte: Should We All Stay At Home?

By Virginia Korte — Many Scottsdale citizens are asking why we don’t have a ‘Stay at Home’ rule during this time of the COVID-19 public health emergency.  Doug Ducey, our Governor, issued an Executive Order on March 23 prohibiting cities from enacting any regulation that restricts any person from “performing any function designated by either the Governor, the Director of … Read More

Guest Editorial: Help For Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs Hit by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By Recker McDowell — The Coronavirus and its economic impacts are having unprecedented impacts on small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent contractors. Businesses are closed. Jobs are jeopardized. Key industries including tourism and restaurants are being pushed to the brink. The federal economic stimulus program has help for impacted businesses and workers. There are also resources and programs at the state … Read More

Virginia Korte: COVID-19 Time For Leadership

By Virginia Korte — We are living in interesting times. A time of unknowns. It was a little more than 2 weeks ago when things were normal – Spring Training games were in full swing, tourists filled our Old Town streets, galleries and restaurants. And many of us were planning our next trip to visit our parents, children and grandchildren. … Read More

Virginia Korte: Times Are Hard Right Now

By Virginia Korte — Times are hard right now for Scottsdale. Whether it’s the disruption caused to families because of school closures, the adjustments made for working at home or the loss of income from businesses shutting down, this is hard. I never thought I would see this happen in our community, but it’s happening, and now it’s time to … Read More

Suzanne Klapp: Now More Than Ever Neighbors Can Help Neighbors

By Suzanne Klapp — Mother Teresa famously said “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” This current virus pandemic means for some of us that we can help make the situation a little better by helping at least one other person. In my Scottsdale Mountain community, we are doing just that with an effort called Neighbors … Read More

Guest Editorial: Responding to Coronavirus and the Ultimate Black Swan

By Recker McDowell — We all know the Coronavirus is having an unprecedented impacted on public health and everyday life. The pandemic is also the ultimate ‘black swan’ to threatening the economy, jobs and markets. The economy — from the tourism and travel industries down to small businesses and independent contractors — is being rocked to its core. The response … Read More