Community Spirit: Back-to-School Supplies Needed in Scottsdale

By Recker McDowell — The upcoming school year is still a big question mark with COVID-19 and all its impacts. But there is no question of the needs the pandemic has created with families. Health impacts and lost jobs are stressing plenty of households in Arizona and other states. Plenty of families need help with school supplies, whether kids go … Read More

Finding The Creative Path and Pivoting Because of COVID

Staff Report — Jennifer Stewart knew growing up she wanted to do something creative. Her career as a photographer specializing in sports and the outdoors started after her parents bought her a Dodge Ram pickup truck in high school and she started sneaking into off-road racing events. We caught up with the Arizona-based photographer and talked to Stewart about her … Read More

Blazing A New Trail On An Old Phoenix Street

By Lincoln Shea — There was a time when 32nd Street and Shea Boulevard in Phoenix was a crossroads of sorts. It was a gateway to the Dreamy Draw leading to Downtown Phoenix. Retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues benefitted from the robust traffic. It all ended when the 51 gave commuters a faster route north and south. 32nd Street … Read More

His Bark Is Louder Than His Tweet

By Shea Lincoln Scottsdale’s repeat offending pet owner and candidate for City Council Michael Auerbach may have a dog that gets around but his Twitter account doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It has a whopping ten followers, despite the fact the account has been around since November 2019. His Twitter troubles are the least of his political challenges. In … Read More

Guest Editorial: A New COVID Balancing Act

By Recker McDowell — Arizona is getting plenty of knocks on social media with posts showing people not wearing masks or social distancing. Those are easy to find and can often have political undertones from both sides. But there are events, venues and plenty of businesses who have been playing by the rules, requiring masks of customers and attendees, and … Read More

Dreams Achieved: Pinetop-Lakeside’s Crown Jewel Saved By Local Supporters

By Scottsdale Pinetop — Whether it is swinging on the playground, little league on the ball fields or playing tag in-between the trees, some of our fondest childhood memories originate at local parks. For Scottsdale, it’s Chaparral and McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. For many Phoenix residents, it’s Encanto Park. And for the White Mountains, it’s the beloved Woodland Lake Park. Considered … Read More

Guest Editorial: Another Victory For Scottsdale Activist Mike Norton

By Recker McDowell — Scottsdale activist Mike Norton has been at the tip of the spear in criticizing Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips’ ‘I Can’t Breathe’ comments during an anti-mask rally. Norton was among those who were early to push back against Phillips after the Councilman’s comments equating COVID-19 mask orders to the last words of George Floyd before he … Read More

Cora Phillips Defends Her Husband In New Video

By Recker McDowell — Cora Phillips, the wife of Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips, has posted a video on YouTube defending her husband. Guy Phillips has been criticized for saying “I Can’t Breathe” during a rally against mask mandates. Those were also the last words used by George Floyd before he died while being restrained by Minneapolis Police. Here is … Read More

Citizens’ Petition to the City Council to Censure Guy Phillips

Citizens’ Petition to the City Council of the City of Scottsdale Censure of City Council Member Guy Phillips Initiation of Investigation:   Were “Crimes of Moral Turpitude” Committed? Removal from Office if Crimes of Moral Turpitude Proven June 29, 2020 Petitioners: Josh Miller Michael Norton Summary:           Please Read These Words into the Record of the City Council Meeting on June 30, … Read More

Community Comes Together to Help Family Facing Possible Loss of Two Children

Squirrel’s Stories — $500,000 and five months in Italy. That’s the Riley family’s only hope for saving their 5-month-old daughter Keira, who along with her 2-year-old sister Olivia, suffers from a form of Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) so rare, they don’t even search for the mutation in today’s genetic testing. The family needs to raise money for treatment by end of July. Tax deductible donations may be … Read More