Hovey The Hypocrite & Ominous Storm Clouds

Designed and developed by the Hovey family out of Chicago, the various Optima projects around town have been a refreshing addition to the growing multi-family real estate market in the greater Phoenix area.  Indeed, Optima Camelview adjacent to Scottsdale Fashion Square is a unique design that has and will continue to contribute to Downtown Scottsdale’s urban renaissance.  The same can … Read More

Guest Editorial: SHAZAM!

By the Happy Wanderer Play-by-play announcer Al McCoy has been the voice of the Phoenix Suns for generations of radio listeners. For over 50 years, his calls have instantly transported us from wherever we are to sitting courtside right beside him. McCoy’s trademark call is “SHAZAM!” Hearing him say it, a listener knows that a Suns player has nailed a … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Wall That Divides Both Sides

By: Adelyn Ray The issue of who is funding the ever-elusive borderwall has caused quite an up-roar. An uproar so loud, it rang the ears of Washington, D.C. itself. Unable to come to a sound decision, the United States government has found itself at a stalemate. Closer to the Valley, however, Senators Krysten Sinema and Senator Martha McSally offer dividing viewpoints … Read More


Well that was fast.  One of the worst votes five members of the Scottsdale City Council have ever cast, collectively or individually, has now made national news.  You can read it here. This group consisting of Jim Lane, Guy Phillips, Suzanne Klapp and Solange Whitehead, led by Kathy Littlefield, should be ashamed of itself.  For they have brought shame to … Read More

Guest Editorial: 2019 Wish List for Scottsdale

By Scottsdale Pinetop With any new year comes new resolutions, new issues and new opportunities. And for the Scottsdale City Council, the New Year brings a new face to the council. Here is our wish list of what we hope to see happen in Scottsdale this next year. *Electric scooters around Scottsdale are reduced by 50 percent; *Jason Alexander and … Read More

Guest Editorial: Shameful

by Scottsdale Watchman We’ve written about Dewey The Dick before. Now, Dewey Schade, America’s most challenging landlord since Stanley Roper from Three’s Company, is back at it trying to impede the creation of the “Maverick Mural” dedicated to late U.S. Senator John McCain. How does this guy sleep at night? On December 20th, Scottsdale’s Development Review Board did the right … Read More

Guest Editorial: Save The Dells

By Scottsdale Pinetop Tuesday December 11 – the day the Desert Discovery Center was finally laid to rest once and for all. The Scottsdale City Council unanimously voted to put an end to the potential development of the infamous Desert EDGE within the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. A well-deserved victory for the supporters of Proposition 420 and a triumph in preserving … Read More

Guest Editorial: 2018 Highlights of Scottsdale

By Scottsdale Pinetop Very shortly, 2018 will be a thing of the past. But it was a political year like few others full of highs and lows. Here’s a quick look back at some of the major political events in Scottsdale that helped define it as we welcome the New Year. *This has been the “Year of the Woman,” not … Read More

Season’s Greetings and a Bid Farewell

By Paradise Valley Mayor Michael Collins Dear Friends and Neighbors, As we enjoy the Holiday Season and prepare to ring in the New Year, I offer you this final town update and a bid farewell as I near the end of my station as your Mayor. 2018 finished strong with progress and improvement across all areas of Town Government and … Read More

Guest Editorial: Bar Rescue

By Scottsdale Pinetop Downtown Scottsdale’s entertainment area, the Valley’s nightlife epicenter, has created a number of headaches between Scottsdale residents, City Council and business owners. Really it’s a love-hate relationship. While numerous patrons have spoken in defense of the growing entertainment scene, many Scottsdale residents have become disgruntled and vocal by attacking local bars. The Rockbar in downtown Scottsdale is … Read More