What Are They Smoking?

A variety of factors are now coming to light about the true motivation for a “legal protest” against a plan to replace a tattoo parlor with a medical marijuana dispensary on the east side of the Galleria Corporate Center in downtown Scottsdale.  Those motivations according to local media reports include a desire to assemble the city block where the Sunday … Read More

Winners & Losers From The Scottsdale Bond Election Landslide Victory & SUSD Win

Winners:  Kathy Littlefield, Guy Phillips & Solange Whitehead.  Phillips and Littlefield had opposed previous bond efforts.  Not this time.  Nor did newcomer Whitehead who frequently votes with either or both.  The three stood up for Scottsdale with integrity and independence and the community is the better for it. Winners:  Conscientious Activism.  There were many reasons for the landslide bond win.  … Read More

Secret Developer Group Launching Suspect Campaign to Stop Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary So It Can Build High-Rise Project in Scottsdale

(SCOTTSDALE) — It really ultimately is Patients vs. Developers. Health Care vs. High-Rises in Scottsdale — and developers are trying to dupe the public and Scottsdale City Council. A new email shows real estate developers, including out-of-state ones, and some downtown property owners are working covertly to undermine and oppose a needed medical marijuana dispensary in downtown Scottsdale. Developers want … Read More

Guest Column: Congratulations Scottsdale Voters

By Virginia Korte — The overwhelming victory on all three bond questions is a time to celebrate. The last time we had this kind of overwhelming success for a bond election was 20 years ago. While there are still more challenges ahead in solving some of our future infrastructure needs, Tuesday’s election results were a significant step toward making our … Read More

Scottsdale Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Questions 1, 2 and 3; First Major Bond Program in City Since 2000

(SCOTTSDALE) – Scottsdale voters have approved the city’s first major bond program in 19 years by overwhelmingly backing Questions 1, 2 and 3. The three Scottsdale questions passed with an average of 70 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results. The program invests in 58 projects totaling $319 million. Question 1 (which invests in senior centers, parks and recreation facilities) passed … Read More

Patients vs. Developers: Scottsdale Citizens Form Group to Stop Developer from Harming Medical Marijuana Dispensary

(SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA) — Patients vs. Developers. State vs. City. Those are the fault lines that have developed over a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in downtown Scottsdale. What once seemed a foregone conclusion after a favorable Planning Commission vote, strong support in public opinion surveys and provisions in state law, has now been jeopardized by several downtown property owners, including out-of-state … Read More

Guest Editorial: Voting For The Park I Love and The City We All Love

By Larry Kush — When my two sons were small boys (they are now in their 40’s) My wife and I often took them to McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.  The train ride along with the Carousel was often the highlight of our weekend.  Now, my sons have blessed us with 5 grandchildren all of whom love going to the park.  Sometimes … Read More