Scottsdale City Council Unanimously Approves Museum Square Development Project

(SCOTTSDALE) — The Scottsdale City Council unanimously approved plans for the acclaimed Museum Square development in Old Town on Tuesday night. It was an achievement that led even one Councilwoman, Linda Milhaven, to call the project “historic”. The Scottsdale Council voted 7-0 to approve development and parking plans for Macdonald Development Corp. to build a $300 million mixed-use project that … Read More

Frankenstein Comes To The McDowell Mountain Ranch Area

The plans have gone from bad to worse. Much worse. A really bad idea that won’t die goes before the Scottsdale Planning Commission Wednesday. The negative impacts to a north Scottsdale area would be profound. Not long ago we opined about a really bad idea to place a high density ‘senior living facility’ west of Thompson Peak on McDowell Mountain … Read More

Scottsdale Gallery Association Endorses Bond Questions 1, 2 and 3 Investments in Scottsdale’s Arts Community, Quality of Life

(SCOTTSDALE) — The Scottsdale Gallery Association — one of the preeminent arts organizations in the city and state — has endorsed Questions 1, 2 and 3 on the November 5th ballot. The Scottsdale Gallery Association is a centerpiece of Scottsdale’s world-class arts community. The SGA represents art galleries and puts on the Every Thursday Night ArtWalk and the Scottsdale Gold … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Shows Its Community Fabric With Top National Ranking for People with Disabilities

By Recker McDowell — Scottsdale ranks as one of the top cities in the entire country for people with disabilities. That is according to a new study from financial research firm WalletHub which ranked cities based on accessibility, physicians per capita, in-home health care services and income levels of people with disabilities. Scottsdale ranks number 2 nationally behind only South … Read More


Some time ago the City of Mesa so mishandled the acquisition of Bailey’s Brake Shop as it sought to redevelop a part of its downtown that it sparked a statewide uproar leading to a landslide victory to protect property rights known as Proposition 206. We can’t help but be reminded of that fight now as one of the weirdest rationales … Read More

Citizens United

While Citizens United was the notorious U.S. Supreme Court case ushering in one of the worst campaign finance eras in American history, permitting the use of “dark money,” it describes in Scottsdale a terrific accomplishment.  No, we are not talking about the impressively diverse coalition that has come together to promote Scottsdale’s infrastructure needs on the November 5th ballot. We … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale’s Important Choice

By Tom Silverman — Scottsdale has been my home since 1953. I have owned and operated businesses here and had the honor of serving on the Scottsdale City Council. I served on the City Council in 2000 — the last time Scottsdale voters approved a major bond package. Now, voters have an important choice before them on the November 5th … Read More