Campaign Signs Pointing Out Scottsdale Mayoral Candidate David Ortega’s Opposition To The McDowell Sonoran Preserve Vanish Just Days After They Were Placed

(SCOTTSDALE) In order to prevent the pristine desert in northern Scottsdale from disappearing, the City of Scottsdale created the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Now, campaign signs that point out Scottsdale Mayoral Candidate David Ortega opposed the Preserve are disappearing.

Numerous signs which read “He Opposed the Preserve” were placed next to David Ortega road signs throughout Scottsdale. Several days later more than a dozen of those signs have vanished. The signs were paid for and installed by the Rose to Rise RMA PAC. Key to this political action committee’s platforms is support for Scottsdale’s beloved McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

Campaign workers are scrambling to replace the removed signs.

Stealing anyone’s campaign sings is illegal. In response to this theft of the signs, the PAC has filed a police report with the Scottsdale Police in order to identify the sign stealer and hopefully retrieve the signs.

In 2004, Ortega went on record as opposing the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. His opposition is spelled out in this East Valley Tribune article.

Rose to Rise RMA PAC Chairman Jason Rose said, “With the Preserve being so popular and Ortega’s support being so thin we think it is pretty obvious what is taking place here. But that is for the police and perhaps some technology to show. We are putting him on notice however that he or those very, very close to him are our primary suspects and we intend to pursue this aggressively as the voters shouldn’t be denied truths like this.”

That’s why the campaign has also started running television advertisements highlighting Ortega’s opposition to the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. A copy of the commercial can be provided upon request

Rose went on to say that even though the signs may vanish, the truth can’t be erased. Anyone with information on the stolen signs is asked to call 480-423-1414.