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Bike Share Program Making Progress 

By Virginia Korte

The lack of a robust public transportation system in our city is one of the reasons the new bike share program is an overwhelming success – which, I believe, is a creative way to address our mass transit shortcomings.

Citizens’ participation in the program is nothing short of amazing. In just the first three and a half months since it was initiated, there have been approximately 110,000 what the bike companies call “rides.” In fact, during the Parada del Sol Parade earlier this month, they tracked about 4,000 rides.

It’s these kinds of statistics that have made Scottsdale one of the most successful markets in the country for bike share, according to the bike companies.

Admittedly, the rapid success of bike share has created several challenges. But none of them are insurmountable. While it’s the responsibility of the bike companies to ensure that bike share works efficiently, our city staff is working closely with the companies to make sure the program meets our community’s standards and expectations. 

One of the primary issues being addressed is the distribution of the bikes. Companies are tracking trends so bikes are beginning to be located where riders use them most.

Bike share is a new program that doesn’t cost taxpayers a cent. I expect the program will reach an equilibrium very soon that will make it even more successful.


Virginia L. Korte


    OH BROTHER!! The figure stated for Parada was 1000 now it jumps to 4 thousand..This will be Virginias way of trying to shove fixed light rail on Scottsdale Road down our throats!! Just another big money profit driven boondoggle, that nobody wants, but Virginia. The taxpayer, LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR!! This “bike share” travesty is nothing more than a mining app to DATA MINE YOUR INFORMATION!!

  • Roger Sobelinski

    But everytime I visit one of my doctors on Osborne (between 3rd Street & Central), I look at all of the bikes parked in their racks. Maybe they get used during events, but during the average week, they are their having their tires rot in the sun !

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