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Back To The Future

Over two decades ago you couldn’t escape local news about Maricopa County government. When it wasn’t teetering on the edge of bankruptcy it was in the crosshairs of a fierce debate over a proposed sales tax to fund a new baseball stadium for Jerry Colangelo.  Bob Mohan was making a big name for himself skewering pro-stadium politicos on KFYI and Supervisor Wilcox even got shot in the butt by a troubled taxpayer.

Is history repeating itself?  The county is certainly back in the news in a big way.

First, was the Presidential Primary Election voting fiasco.   Then there was the brush back pitch from the Diamondbacks about funding a new stadium, or paying sufficiently to refurbish this one.

Tomorrow however they get an easier one.  As outlined today on the editorial pages of the Arizona Republic (here is a link) one of the more benevolent uses within its jurisdiction is the Southwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center just east of Scottsdale.  There a wonderful woman has cared for animals that can’t care for themselves, just as she has for 22 years.  And there a neighbor who moved in just several years ago is trying to shut them down.  His name is David Seth Gortler and he’s proving himself to be the clown prince of NIMBYs.

Fortunately, Gortler is a party of one.  A worldwide petition will be presented to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Wednesday with over 185,000 signatures, and climbing.  The petition encourages its 5 members to grant the approvals that will remove the hardships and uncertainty caused by Gortler’s litigation and hypocrisy.

At a time when Maricopa County is facing fierce criticism there is no better opportunity to earn back some kudos, and justifiably so, than standing up for one of the finest causes in the Valley today.

  • Dixie Ebright

    I agree with Barbara. What, exactly, is this guy up to? Buying all this property up, forming a 1 man corporation ? Also, he had a complaint made against him (#4269) with AZ State Board of Pharmacy (addressed by them April 9, 2014) for increasing the strength on a prescription without the doctor’s ( original writer of said prescription) knowledge or approval. Is this something he often does? For clients who are hoping to get a stronger dose of medicine without their doctor’s approval? Something VERY con artist about this legalized drug pusher

  • Barbara

    Amen… David Seth is a YALE graduate who clearly doesn’t use his enormous brain (or ego) to do his due-diligence to KNOW the property he bought (and he has since bought THREE MORE PROPERTIES ADJOINING…so what is his REAL agenda) is next to a wildlife sanctuary, that the DIRT ROADS are for a reason (so we can ride horses, etc) and that he moved into an area where people ENJOY THIS…being a DRUG KING (Pharmaceuticals) he makes my blood boil and he needs to go BACK INTO A CITY…

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