Adding to an impressive list of endorsements, Jeff Schwartz  announced that former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg, a strong conservative leader, has endorsed his candidacy. “Arizona needs a generation of new conservative leaders and they will find one in Jeff Schwartz. A proven successful businessman with a history of volunteer service to his community, Jeff will bring a fresh perspective to … Read More

Conservative Leader Brenda Burns Endorses Mark Brnovich for Attorney General

Today, Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich received the endorsement of current Arizona Corporation Commissioner and former Arizona Senate President Brenda Burns. Commissioner Burns remarked: “During my 16 years in the Arizona State Legislature, I often fought the overreach of the federal government. As an elected member of the Corporation Commission, I have seen how federal government policies have … Read More

Michele Reagan: We are on TV

Friends, I’m excited to announce, thanks to your continued support, we were able to launch our first television commercial of the campaign. It couldn’t come at a better time as we head into the final stretches of the race. Click here to see the video As you know, I am the one candidate with the experience necessary to lead the … Read More

The truth about Cold Stone Creamery by Doug Ducey

Scott Smith and Christine Jones have spent considerable time and resources attempting to smear the business transaction involving my partner’s and my sale of Cold Stone Creamery to Kahala Corp, but their allegations are simply not true. The fact is that both parties were pleased with the transaction and I continue to enjoy an outstanding relationship with both Cold Stone … Read More

The Momentum Continues to Build: Republican Hugh Hallman Leads the Way in the Polls and in Support from Conservative Leaders Across Arizona

Hugh Hallman is building momentum in the polls and with Republican supporters across Arizona! While one of Hugh’s opponents today is citing a poll that’s almost a month old, The Arizona Republic today reported on a poll taken in the past week that shows Hugh Hallman with a clear lead in the State Treasurer’s race. And conservative leaders such as … Read More

NRA Endorses Tom Horne for AG

From Tom Horne I am the only statewide candidate endorsed by the NRA. It’s also highly unusual for them to endorse any AG candidate in a primary. They know that it is imperative that we keep the Arizona Attorney General Republican and they also know that I have been a fierce advocate of protecting gun rights and preserving the Second … Read More

Scott Smith’s multimillion-dollar foreclosures, settled class action lawsuits, unpaid tax liens

2 multimillion-dollar foreclosures, 2 settled class action lawsuits, $78,000 in unpaid tax liens PHOENIX (August 4) – Former Mesa Mayor Scott Smith wants to make business records an issue in the Arizona governor’s race, but refuses to address questions about his business background. Today, The S Files looks into his record as a homebuilder, including two multimillion-dollar foreclosures and two … Read More

Preserving our History by Mayor Greg Stanton

Friends, We may be a young city, but we have a rich history – and it’s our responsibility to preserve that history for future generations. When I learned that the Arizona Exposition and Fair Board planned to tear down the historic 1938 WPA building, we took action. The City issued a stop work order to call off the wrecking crew, … Read More

Vice Mayor of Phoenix Jim Waring Endorses Michele Reagan for Secretary of State

Senator Reagan continues rolling out endorsements from all over Arizona, today announcing Phoenix Vice Mayor Jim Waring’s support. Vice Mayor Waring and Senator Reagan met many years ago and became close friends rising through the Republican Party together. “I have been a friend and colleague of Michele’s for many years. From young republicans to the state legislature, we worked to … Read More