Dennis Robbins: Honored to be endorsed by Scottsdale Chamber

Friends, I am proud to announce the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce has endorsed my campaign for City Council. The Scottsdale Chamber is instrumental in retaining and attracting businesses to our city. They have been a valuable partner to the community since 1959, even before Scottsdale was incorporated as a city. I will continue to support their mission of smart … Read More

Holding Activists Accountable

No matter the municipality City Hall activists like to fancy themselves as guardians of veracity. Elected officials aren’t giving it to you straight. Something untoward is going on. But for us the world will end. Their intelligence varies but the refrains are largely the same when it comes to development matters, pensions, imaginative projects and other matters of civic life. … Read More

Doug Ducey: Our new TV ad debuts

Friend, Great news on the campaign trail today! Due to your help and continued support, I’m excited to announce the launch of my third TV ad today. This ad focuses on my experience as CEO of Cold Stone Creamery and how I’ll apply that experience as governor. Click here to view Together with a few friends, we grew Cold Stone … Read More

Michele Reagan: Another Big Endorsement

Friends, Less than a week after former Governor Jane Dee Hull announced her support of my campaign, we have received another big endorsement from Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. I’m honored to receive Secretary Kobach’s endorsement. Secretary Kobach has been at the forefront of election reform since taking office and has implemented common-sense safeguards in their elections. His support … Read More

Two Feet Ahead — New Talent at AZGOP HQ — Hillary the Hilarious

Every Election Is A Race Won By Two Feet This month our Republican Action Team is out in full force, and this weekend we were out exerting our GOP presence in Tucson with dozens of GOP supporters walking door to door introducing themselves and our party all over the city. We already had a great success to start the month … Read More

Free Enterprise Club PAC Endorses Jeff DeWit for State Treasurer

PHOENIX, AZ – The Arizona Free Enterprise Club PAC today announced the endorsement of Jeff DeWit for State Treasurer. The conservative DeWit is in a tough 3-way Republican primary for the office against two other establishment candidates. Jeff DeWit’s strong business background and conservative free market principles is what earned him the endorsement from the Club. “Jeff is the type … Read More

Felecia Rotellini : My Father’s Daughter

Growing up, I was my dad’s shadow. I followed him around everywhere he went. He ran his insurance business from our home, so he wouldn’t have been able to escape me if he tried. My earliest memories include going to every high school sporting event in our home town; sitting next to him at American Legion baseball games, watching him … Read More

Which Governor Brewer Excuse for Taxing Arizonans is Least Impressive?

Why is the Governor, aka The Artist Formerly Known as a Stalwart Conservative, so fixated on raising taxes? It’s a complete mystery. Governor Jan Brewer’s office and her Department of Revenue both responded yesterday to questions of exactly why they want to slam the state’s solar customers with a higher property tax, and their excuses were breathtakingly unconvincing. The arguments … Read More

Jeff Schwartz Receives Chamber Endorsements!

PHOENIX (June 12, 2014) – State Senate Candidate and businessman Jeff Schwartz, is honored to be the recipient of endorsements by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. “I appreciate the comprehensive process these two organizations went through in making this decision and am encouraged by their support,” said Schwartz. Schwartz has identified … Read More

Doug Ducey: Support from our Veterans

I’m proud to release a new web video this week highlighting support from veterans across the state. Their commitment to this country and Arizona is exceptional, and I am honored and extremely humbled to receive their endorsement. These brave men and women have fought for our country and deserve our support always, but now they need it more than ever … Read More