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By Adam Kress
From the Phoenix Business Journal

If you live in the Phoenix area and spent any time on Facebook or Twitter yesterday, you may have come across a story that a lot of people were sharing. It was titled: “Reasons why Phoenix is the worst place ever.”kressadam-01_145

Pretty provocative headline, right? It’s kind of hard not to react in some way to such a bold statement.

The piece was published on, a popular online magazine that prides itself on going against the grain of mainstream journalism. Vice also has a documentary TV series on HBO.

The column was written by a Phoenix resident, Troy Farah, who also writes music reviews for the Phoenix New Times. His take on Phoenix was hilarious in a few spots, but generally predictable in the ways people always criticize Phoenix (hot weather, boring architecture, snowbirds, etc.)

Farah and Vice have every right to publish a column that in no way could possibly be proven as true. This is clickbait of the highest caliber, and people who run websites like page views. As the person who manages the website you’re reading now, I understand that as well as anyone.

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PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz.) He made history as Paradise Valley's first directly elected mayor. He served the community for 25 years. As Mayor and as a member of the Town Council, Scott LeMarr navigated Paradise Valley through good times and challenging times. His leadership helped the community emerge from the recession without massive debt. Now, with Mayor LeMarr not seeking reelection he is endorsing Vice Mayor Michael Collins for the Mayor's post in the upcoming August 26th primary election, which is an all mail-in ballot.collins lemarr

Mayor LeMarr made the endorsement May 7th during the formal launch of Collins' campaign. Mayor LeMarr states, "I was proud to introduce and endorse Michael Collins as he begins his campaign. There are still a number of important goals to accomplish before my term ends in January. My work is far from over. I want to make sure our next mayor will continue that work. I believe that person should be Michael Collins. It's my hope that Michael Collins pushes back on needless density grabs by developers to preserve that which makes Paradise Valley unique. Michael is a consensus builder who understands the delicate balance of neighborhood preservation, building a strong local economy, and fiscal responsibility. He is committed to keeping Paradise Valley as Arizona's finest community."

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If Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is not investigated by someone for what appears to be a blatant misuse of taxpayer dollars to aid his own election, we are not sure what the point of any campaign finance law is.ATTORNEY GENERAL

While some of these laws can be complex, the prohibited use of taxpayer dollars and government staff to assist one’s private election pursuit is not. And, it is among the most critically important election laws of all.

Horne wants us to believe it is coincidence or merit that has led to well-known Republican political, media and fundraising operatives onto his staff. All of who just happen to be working on his challenging re-election campaign. And this doesn’t include a $300,000 advertising contract just awarded by the Attorney General’s Office to one of Horne’s political consultants.

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There are many important commercial corners in Phoenix but a largely vacant one at 32nd Street and Indian School Road is particularly so.

Once a proud, thriving center it has retreated to near nothingness.

With the recent success of businesses and restaurants like The Vig, Beckett’s Table and Crudo nearby, the corner surround by diverse neighborhoods is both an incredible opportunity to bookend Arcadia, or see this central Phoenix area west of 32nd tip itself into no man’s land.

The former aspiration got some welcome news this week in the form of acquisition by De Rito Partners. Owned by the constantly in motion Marty De Rito the enterprising company is a great match for a property with so much potential.

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The Phoenix Metropolitan area seems to have more major sports and concert venues than just about anywhere in the country. From Ak-Chin to Glendale we are blessed and cursed with buildings big, small, old and new.

But for those who have been here awhile no sporting venue penetrates the Arizona conscience more than Sun Devil Stadium. Rolling Stones Devils And Deserts front

Maybe it is the proximity to Mill Avenue. Or the college energy. Maybe it’s because Sun Devil Stadium was there before U.S. Airways Center, Jobing. Com and University of Phoenix Stadium.

For many years there was just Compton Terrace, Celebrity Theater, Phoenix Municipal Stadium, Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum . . . and Sun Devil Stadium.

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Shawnna Bolick, Republican candidate for Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 28, received the endorsement of former Congressman Ben Quayle.shana

“In politics, there are talkers and there are doers. Shawnna is a doer and that is why I proudly endorse her candidacy for our legislative district. I have seen Shawnna’s passion for education reform that will allow our students to reach their full potential. She believes that all children should have access to a top notch education, because it is the key to a prosperous future. This dedication was also evidenced when Shawnna successfully mobilized a broad coalition of parents at her son's school that resulted in tens of thousands of dollars for classroom grants. Shawnna's keen ability to bring stakeholders together will be an enormous asset in our state legislature. Arizona can lead into the 21st century, but we need to elect people like Shawnna to make that a reality.”

“It is an absolute pleasure to receive Mr. Quayle’s endorsement,” declared Bolick. “Ben represented our Congressional district well during his brief tenure in DC. After Ben was elected I worked with him and his office on issues that might affect charter school expansion and he came to the table prepared. He truly understood the need for local autonomy and governance in our educational system. He also has a keen ear for small business needs and wasn’t afraid to take on President Obama. We need more elected officials willing to protect the states from further federal overreach.”

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There’s often talk of underutilized community assets.  Mountains that turn into parks.  Canals that turn into Waterfronts.  Buildings that turn into tourist attractions. 

And there’s always been the Papago Golf Course.  Avid golfers know it to be an exceptional layout in an exceptional setting.  And 20-30 years ago it was hard to get a tee time there as affordability fused with challenge at the Valley’s best public golf course. 

But recent years haven’t been so kind to the course.  Mismanagement.  Landscaping don’ts. The list goes on.  Once the prom queen, Papago has started to look like a 40-year reunion.  diciccio

That’s all likely to change as Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio has been working with Arizona State University to take over the course.  It’s a great move by a school with a rich golfing program and a terrific move by the City of Phoenix to revitalize a great resource. 

So that’s now two home runs for Sal DiCiccio.  This, and working with ASU to relocate its baseball program to Phoenix Municipal Stadium just down the street from Papago.  The Oakland A’s will move next year to the Cubs’ old digs in Mesa.  DiCiccio just earned more of the beer belly vote as ASU baseball currently doesn’t allow the sale of alcohol at its games, something that will change with the move off-campus.

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Legislative Salute Success!



We wrapped up last week with our Legislative Salute and were honored to have so many of our Republican legislators and supporters attend, but also to hear Senator Jon Kyl address the crowd with his wisdom, humor, and enthusiasm about the upcoming elections. We are extraordinarily thankful for our GOP-majority Legislature, and we raised more than $200,000 to help our efforts for Republican victories in 2014.


GOP = Great Opportunity Party

Out with the old, and in with the bold. 2014 is going to be celebrated as the Year of Opportunity, when voters in November express their dismay at the failings of the Obama Administration and vote for the Great Opportunity Party. We've seen Obama's approval ratings tank, the Obamacare implementation implode, and Harry Reid's ridiculous tactics in the Senate get blasted by his colleagues. The GOP is turning our potential into power by turning out voters to support our candidates, and we are excited as can be for November!


How to Lie with Statistics: Quote Obama Administration

Yesterday the unemployment numbers for April were released and things are worse than the Obama Administration will admit. Special thanks to Frank Luntz, who was our speaker for last year's Legislative Salute, for pointing out this fact and tweeting this "infographic" at right. The jobs report here notes people are not counted as unemployed if they quit looking for a job, and that means there are still millions of Americans that need jobs and can't find them. Time for the GOP!

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Join us at the 2014 Manufacturer of the Year Luncheon and hear from seven of the candidates currently running for Governor of Arizona. Each candidate will participate in a dynamic forum focused on manufacturing and business issues moderated by veteran valley broadcaster Sean McLaughlin.

Moderated by Sean McLaughlin


Date/ Time:
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

12:00 pm to 1:45 pm

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel
340 N 3rd St, Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Individual Ticket: Member: $65 | Non-Member: $80

Table Sponsorship: $600

Sponsorships Still Available!

Platinum Sponsor: $7,500

Gold Sponsor: $3,000

Silver Sponsor: $1,500

Exhibition Booth: $250


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Endorsement from Representative Kate Brophy McGee

Legislative District 28

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I care deeply about Arizona’s children. Whether ensuring their safety and well-being at home or securing the best possible education for them in our schools, our children truly are our future. When they graduate and enter the workforce, they will be the ones that help grow our economy. Jennifer Petersen served eight years on the governing board of the Scottsdale Unified School District working hard on behalf of children and their education, always with an eye toward fiscal responsibility. I support Jennifer Petersen’s bid for the Scottsdale City Council. Her strong work ethic and prudent fiscal principles will help build a strong Scottsdale for the future.


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