Guest Editorial: Raising Sales Taxes Is Not The Best Option

By Virginia Korte Last night the majority of the City Council voted to place a proposal to increase the city’s sales tax rate on this November’s ballot.  Four councilmembers approved it, thinking it will be a way to resolve the cost of the serious need to repair the city’s deteriorating infrastructure. I opposed the move for several reasons, including the … Read More

Guest Editorial: Solving Scottsdale’s Parking Problems, One App At A Time

By Scottsdale Pinetop “There’s never anywhere to park!” How many times have we heard it? It’s a traditional complaint for any lively city and one that Old Town Scottsdale has been battling for years. As a new wave of people flood to Scottsdale to live, work and play, Scottsdale’s lack of parking spaces has caused headaches for businesses, residents and … Read More

Guest Editorial: Giants’ Training Program Move A Big Boost For Scottsdale

By Scottsdale Pinetop   Baseball has long been a staple of the greater downtown Scottsdale identity with Scottsdale Stadium and Indian School Park Complex being an integral part of that success. Home to one of the more popular Cactus League baseball teams, the San Francisco Giants have outgrown their current practice facility at Indian School Park and looking to move. … Read More

Hitting The Mark

Some may find it curious that a Town Councilman in Paradise Valley was just tapped to head the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce.  But we think the organization was wise to tap Mark Stanton as its new top dog.  As a Saguaro High School graduate, long-time member of the Scottsdale Charros and former executive with a prominent Scottsdale-based advertising agency … Read More

Headaches and Head Scratching In Scottsdale

ike any community Scottsdale must maintain and upgrade infrastructure.  But unlike most communities voters have largely rejected recent efforts to do so.  It’s a bit confounding really why such a progressive city in areas like the arts and desert preservation is falling behind on the basics. Over the past year Scottsdale City Councilwoman Virginia Korte, in particular, led an important … Read More

Guest Editorial: Don’t Forget Arizona’s Rural Teachers?

By Scottsdale Pinetop It’s happening! Arizona teachers, parents and support staff have decided to take a step outside the classroom and fight against Arizona’s State Capitol for higher teacher pay and adequate school funding. Today, teachers are banding together in a state-wide walkout strike, leaving many Arizona lawmakers questioning what to do next. By now, Arizona’s first teacher walkout in … Read More

Guest Editorial: Bond vs Brains

By Scottsdale Pinetop Here we go again. Once again, the future of a potential bond measure relies on the verdict of an indecisive City Council. What should have been an easy discussion to address many of Scottsdale’s infrastructure needs turned into a brawling match between City Council members – drawing political lines in the Arizona sand.  There’s no doubt that … Read More

Dinner with Wolves Success

By Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center In addition to being home for 13 Mexican gray wolves, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, hosted their annual fundraiser Dinner with Wolves sponsored by My Sister’s Closet. Congratulations to the organizers Ann Damiano, Pam Wugalter and our own Director of Education Nikki Julien. Thanks to their planning and hard work, the event raised over $45,000 to be … Read More

Guest Editorial: Another Senate Seat Up For Grabs?

By Scottsdale Pinetop A war hero, an Arizona Senator and a presidential candidate. The legacy and political career of Senator John McCain has become a staple of Arizona’s pioneering identity. Diagnosed with brain cancer last summer, the Senator has been in and out of hospital treatments for the past year. With the future of McCain’s health uncertain, so is the … Read More