Breaking: DiCiccio Calls for Vote on City Manager Position

Friends, This is the letter I just sent to City Manager Ed Zuercher. The continued failure of City Staff to execute their basic responsibility under this City Manager is inexcusable – just look at the complete failure to address the needs of our community in South Phoenix, where City staff is in the process of pushing a bad plan down … Read More

Carolyn Mullany Jackson: A Great Scottsdale Corporate Citizen

Carolyn Mullany Jackson is setting the bar on what it means to be a good corporate citizen. She has her hands full as the Vice President of Brand Strategy for the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction. She oversees the company’s image here in Arizona and across the country as it conducts collector car auctions including June 20th in Connecticut and September 27th … Read More

Guest Editorial: Three Faces of Governor Ducey

By Scottsdale Pinetop As Governor Ducey ramps up for his re-election campaign, voters will be presented with three vastly different sides of his time as Arizona’s Governor. His campaign will depict him as Arizona’s conservative hero who champions for the state. His opponents will depict him as a traitor of the Trump administration. Finally, Democrats will depict him as an … Read More

Arizona’s Time is Now

By Governor Doug Ducey Hello, I came to Arizona over 30 years ago in my Datsun full of hope. I was told Arizona was the place for opportunity – and that’s exactly what I found, as I earned my degree from ASU, built my business, met the love of my life and started a family. I ran for governor four … Read More

Strengthening Scottsdale’s Economy For Taxpayers

By Virginia Korte At Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting, I told a standing-room-only audience that the request to rezone some State Trust land to accommodate the Crossroads East project was one of the most complicated cases I have ever contemplated. Based on what several of my fellow councilmembers said during our vigorous discussion, I was not alone. After four hours … Read More

Arizona Leading by Team Ducey

Hello, Arizona’s economy is growing and our schools are improving. Right now, Arizona students lead the nation in improvements in math and reading. Another area where Arizona is leading? Civics education. Governor Ducey campaigned on improving students’ understanding of our system of government. And when he took office, the first bill he signed into law was the American Civics Act … Read More

Guest Editorial: Teachers May Be Pushing Their Luck

By Scottsdale Pinetop After decades of tax cuts and underfunding of public education, thousands of teachers descended on the state Capitol in an effort to secure more funding and urging lawmakers to act. And to the surprise of many Arizonans, it worked. While the #RedforEd movement may be over, the debate of where the additional education funding will be coming … Read More

Press Release: Mayor Manross Joins Campaign to Elect Solange Whitehead

Former Scottsdale Preserve Commissioner and City Council Candidate, Solange Whitehead, is pleased to announce that former Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross will serve as her campaign Chairperson. Manross served on the city council from 1992 to 2000 and as Mayor from 2000 to 2009. Solange entered the City Council race to challenge the City Council support for allowing development inside the … Read More

Tour De Force?

So many political campaigns are so full of pablum.  Hire a consultant.  Take a poll.  Send out mailers and missives that are the highlights of the poll.  Repeat. That’s why it’s refreshing when someone, anyone, breaks the mold.  Cue Anna Thomasson, businesswoman and first-time candidate for the Paradise Valley Town Council. We’re sure her campaign will feature all the typical stuff … Read More

Guest Editorial: Credit Where Credit Is Due

By Scottsdale Pinetop There’s no question that it has been a tough year for the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD). With the dismissal of Superintendent Birdwell and other school administrators, school protests and rise of the “Red for Ed” movement, it’s easy to dismiss the progress made by SUSD –specifically the recent successes at Coronado High School. At a time … Read More