Guest Editorial: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

By Scottsdale Pinetop In last week’s Phoenix mayoral debate, 12News moderator Braham Resnik asked each candidate “Will being Mayor of Phoenix be a full-time job for you?” Kate Gallego: “Yes” Nicholas Sarwark: “Yes” Moses Sanchez: “Yes” Daniel Valenzuela: “I intend in serving my community as a firefighter in the West Valley and as Mayor.” Excuse me? That’s not the answer … Read More

👎NO on Prop 420 & YES on Question 1 👍

In case you may have missed it: The Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce has announced its opposition to Proposition 420, the initiative to change the City Charter, and its support of Question 1, raising the sales tax to address transportation issues.   I endorse the Chamber’s positions on both issues, which will be on the November 6th ballot. The Chamber stated … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale’s White Rabbit

By Scottsdale Pinetop The first thing many of us think of is the iconic white rabbit from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  It’s surprising, bold and serves as a channel for imagination. That’s exactly the kind of character Scottsdale’s art district has and needs more of. And it’s thanks to the efforts of councilwoman Linda Milhaven and the Scottsdale City … Read More

Providing A High Quality Of Life for Scottsdale Residents And Visitors

My top priority on the Scottsdale City Council will be to maintain and improve our high quality of life. I am no stranger to this notion. I have spent over 20 years fighting to protect our quality of life in many ways. My efforts have brought awareness to critical citywide issues, influencing positive action for our quality of life. In … Read More

Johnny Bench, Part II

Yesterday we wrote about Scottsdale City Manager Jim Thompson’s impression of Hall of Fame Catcher Johnny Bench preventing a wild pitch from harming Scottsdale taxpayers.  You can see it below or CLICK HERE. There’s even more to the story, reinforcing Thompson’s sagaciousness.  It turns out Tempe and Phoenix, the city in which the Desert Botanical Garden is located,  were planning … Read More

From Yes on 420: A Deep Dive into Our Charter Change and Its Effects

Why are we asking for a small Charter change? Why alter the City’s “Constitution”? Are there unintended consequences? Does it handcuff the City Council? A group of experts, including former Preserve Commissioners and a panel of attorneys, gave these questions serious thought and vigorous debate for several weeks in November 2017. There was extensive research and dialog behind our ballot … Read More

Johnny Bench

Without a good catcher in baseball too many wild pitches can find their way to the backstop, helping the other team win and wreaking havoc on your own. That’s a lot like the job of a City Manager, including Jim Thompson’s in Scottsdale. Thank goodness the city had its own version of Johnny Bench for a recent, near fiasco. Scottsdale … Read More

BIG NEWS- Governor Ducey endorses Glassman for Corporation Commission: Air Force Veteran and Water Expert

Last Friday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey joined business leaders and elected officials from across Arizona announcing his support of Rodney Glassman for Arizona Corporation Commission.  Governor Ducey wrote: “I’m proud to support Rodney Glassman for Corporation Commission. As an Air Force veteran and water expert with his PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences, Rodney’s private-sector background and track record of … Read More

Team Ducey: Checking in

Hello, What a week! Border mayors endorsed Governor Ducey, citing his strong record on growing Arizona’s economy and our trade relationship with Mexico. Border Patrol agents announced their support for the governor, crediting his “decisive leadership” to help secure the border. The governor also traveled throughout Arizona — meeting with voters and sharing his vision for securing Arizona’s future. Keep … Read More

The Arts in Scottsdale

By Linda Milhaven Over my many years in Scottsdale, including eight years on City Council, I have had the opportunity to work with many people who dedicate their time and talents to making Scottsdale a special place. The arts have always been a significant part of the heart and soul of our community. It was my honor to serve as the Chair … Read More