Atta Boy

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. And friends shouldn’t let friends govern by groupthink.

Over the years Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane have been very close. Speeches at States of City.  Appearances at each other’s campaign fundraisers.  Ideological allies.

So, it must have been difficult for Lane to criticize the Governor’s recent extension of his stay at home order until May 15th, as reported by Scottsdale Progress Editor Wayne Schutsky. As a side note Schutsky has become as invaluable as he is intrepid to the Scottsdale community.

You can read Mayor Lane’s remarks and the Progress story here.

Lane’s remarks about the Governor “moving the goal posts” are on the mark as Scottsdale’s tourism dependent economy is reeling more than most from the pandemic’s economic trauma.

We have not been shy about Scottsdale’s sluggish response to the situation.  Deteriorating businesses don’t need lame “Good To Go” signs. They might as well read “About To Go Out Of Business.” They need financial help, just like other cities led by Tempe and Mesa are doing.

But as another saying goes, it’s better late than never.

Mayor Lane is in a position to impact this Governor like few others. We applaud him for speaking his peace. It may very well impact what and when Ducey acts again and save a few Scottsdale businesses along the way.