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Vote NO on Prop 205

By: Doug Ducey

This election, there will be many important issues and initiatives that you will be asked to consider.

But perhaps the most important vote you will cast this November will be on Proposition 205, the initiative to legalize marijuana.

Even The Arizona Republic agrees: Prop 205 is the wrong way to go.

The marijuana advocates have run their campaign on a tactic we’ve all seen before: they’re trying to sell us bad policy under the guise of benefiting our kids.

As a father of three boys, I have to tell you that easier access to marijuana – and greater exposure to drugs in general – will not improve the lives of our children, or anyone else for that matter.

Look what has happened in Colorado:

  • CO now ranks #1 in the nation for youth marijuana use
  • Crime, homelessness, and cartel activity have all spiked
  • Marijuana related-expulsions from school are at a TEN-YEAR HIGH. In fact, over 60 percent of all expulsions are marijuana-related.
  • In one Colorado hospital, over 50% of newborns tested were positive for marijuana

What’s more: many of Colorado’s largest school districts still haven’t seen a penny of the taxes collected on marijuana sales.

We can’t let what happened in Colorado happen here in Arizona. Get the facts at This election is too important not to spread the word.

Early voting is already underway, and Election Day is Nov. 8th. Together, we can stop Prop 205.

  • Colton Kennedy

    I believe as a true conservative who supports limited government that a YES vote on 205 is the best choice. The government should not be dictating what an adult should do, especially one that is proven to be objectively safer than alcohol.

    Respectfully Governor Ducey, the facts do not support your assertions either. According to the most recent report from Colorado’s own health department teen Colorado is actually BELOW the national average in teen use of marijuana. Many other studies have also supported that teen use has not risen. And the hospital stat is completely unsupported.

    I’ll respect anyone’s opinion if it is supported by the facts. This isn’t. It’s nothing more than reefer madness. Let’s stop jailing adults and finally put an end to the drug war. VOTE YES ON 205.

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