Is A Blue Wave Coming To Scottsdale Council Elections?

Politically, Scottsdale is a red city, with the exception of bluer-collar neighborhoods in the south that tend to hue similarly. This is reflected on the Scottsdale City Council where some if not all City Councilmembers are usually Republican, and where a majority has long espoused pro-business policies, for lack of a better term. But business as usual could be in … Read More

Guest Editorial: Fire Season Is In Full Swing!

By Scottsdale Pinetop Every year White Mountain residents hold their breath when fire season rolls around. They pray for the snow and rains, but prepare their homes for the worst. And with the two major fires lurking around the edges of the White Mountains these past two weeks, it seems these preparations cannot come soon enough. This past winter was … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Power Of Dark Money In Scottsdale

By Scottsdale Pinetop Dark money is the dark curtain of American politics. Arizona and Scottsdale are not immune. Nor is Tempe. Recently, Tempe voters passed a ballot measure that would require any group spending over $1,000 towards a local election to be disclosed on campaign finance reports. This transparency measure was supported by 91 percent of the voters – a percentage any … Read More

Guest Editorial: Raising Sales Taxes Is Not The Best Option

By Virginia Korte Last night the majority of the City Council voted to place a proposal to increase the city’s sales tax rate on this November’s ballot.  Four councilmembers approved it, thinking it will be a way to resolve the cost of the serious need to repair the city’s deteriorating infrastructure. I opposed the move for several reasons, including the … Read More

Guest Editorial: Solving Scottsdale’s Parking Problems, One App At A Time

By Scottsdale Pinetop “There’s never anywhere to park!” How many times have we heard it? It’s a traditional complaint for any lively city and one that Old Town Scottsdale has been battling for years. As a new wave of people flood to Scottsdale to live, work and play, Scottsdale’s lack of parking spaces has caused headaches for businesses, residents and … Read More