Kirby: a bold new reform to help Arizona teachers now

By Pam Kirby Scottsdale Unified School District Board Member Here in Arizona and across the country, every day brings a new and louder call to do right by our teachers. Many in this state, myself included, are calling for an extension of the funding currently provided by Proposition 301.  It is critical money for our public schools and teacher salaries.  … Read More

Thank you Governor Ducey & Arizona State Legislature

On behalf of John Whiteman, Reg Ballantyne III, Mike Brewer, and myself, I want to applaud Arizona State Representative Doug Coleman and State Senator Kate Brophy McGee, as well as Speaker J.D. Mesnard, President Steve Yarborough, and the entire leadership of the state legislature for protecting over $650 million in revenue for our schools and avoiding the fiscal cliff of … Read More

Guest Editorial: Small, Important Step for the Scottsdale Gallery Association

By: Scottsdale Pinetop A simple vote by the Scottsdale City Council may seem like a small step for progress. But when trying foster improvements between government and businesses, it can make all the difference in the world. This week, the City Council voted correctly to approve a $30,000 matching fund agreement with the Scottsdale Gallery Association in an attempt to … Read More

Guest Editorial: #MeToo Should Be #ScottsdaleToo

By: Scottsdale Pinetop Every strong campaign needs a good slogan. For President Trump it was “Make American Great Again.” For World War II Army recruiting it was “I Want You.” A catchy slogan can help win elections or bring people together under a single cause. But if done wrong, it can send the wrong message. That’s what happened last week … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Best Way To Get Around Scottsdale

By: Scottsdale Pinetop More bright yellow and lime green bikes appear to be popping up everywhere in the Valley. The City of Scottsdale piloted the bike share program in early November and it has now extended to Mesa, Tempe and potentially Paradise Valley – taking on a life of its own. Bike share programs provide residents and visitors with a … Read More

Education Reformers Rally Behind Shawnna Bolick for the Arizona Legislature

by Shawnna Bolick Phoenix, AZ- March 12, 2018- Today, a group of like-minded education reformers endorsed Shawnna Bolick for an open seat in the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 20. Here is what they had to say about candidate Bolick: “We need elected officials who will put parents first over bureaucrats. Shawnna Bolick has been a passionate voice for … Read More

Kudos to Congress!

By The Goldwater Institute Partisan gridlock in Congress is often the rule, but there are the occasional and notable exceptions. In the recent spending bill, lawmakers successfully repealed the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)—one of the most extreme examples of consolidated, unchecked government power in American history. As the only organization to have challenged IPAB in court, we’re celebrating the … Read More

Guest Editorial: Flake for 2020?

By: Scottsdale Pinetop In the political world, there are only two reasons to visit New Hampshire in the middle of March – snow and New Hampshire is the first state to vote in a presidential primary. When politicians head to New Hampshire, it tends to raise eyebrows. That’s exactly what happened for Senator Jeff Flake last week when it was … Read More

Guest Editorial: On Wednesdays We Wear Red

By Scottsdale Pinetop Low salaries have many teachers seeing red. Arizona educators have decided to send a message that the current status quo for school funding is unacceptable. Arizona administrators, educators, parents and students have now joined the West Virginia teacher’s movement by wearing red to school and urging others to do the same. What first started as a small … Read More