Smell & Wilmer. The Plot Thickens

An interesting story just got more so. We’ve previously written about the public affairs debacle in Maricopa and the professional pugilists that have come to town to upend a popular plan for a private motorsports club called Apex.  Here is the link. The project gained unanimous Planning Commission and City Council support despite their black arts, underscoring the Keystone Cops … Read More

Fore! Scottsdale Citizen Silliness

It’s where moms and dads teach their kids to play golf and seniors can find an affordable, accommodating place to enjoy the links.  It is the beloved Coronado Golf Course, a jewel in southern Scottsdale. With its nine holes and driving range traversing the Indian Bend Wash, city property and some 7 acres of private land Coronado is a testament … Read More

Noblesse Oblige

Capitalism can break down caste systems.  It can also build them up.  When one is successful in technology, financial services or real estate, the latter which happens quite often in Arizona, a certain strata is achieved. But not everyone gives back.  Not everyone chooses to deploy their expertise, riches or both. But in the case of SunBelt Holdings CEO John … Read More