Obamacare Replacement That Works for AZ

By Team Ducey Friend , Governor Ducey has repeatedly called for an Obamacare replacement that works for Arizonans.Last week, he discussed with The Washington Examiner how Congress should move forward replacing the Affordable Care Act. Here are a few highlights: “We want flexibility to adapt healthcare regulations that reflect what our states’ citizens need.” “We want to ensure that the … Read More

Really Tough Times For Paradise Valley

A community spawned by the likes of William Rehnquist, Sandra Day O’Connor and Barry Goldwater is bound to be something special.  But a quick review of the tony township’s current in-box isn’t just special, it’s extraordinary. *A new version of the beloved Mountain Shadows hotel is set to open March 7th, along with an equally loved “Short Course,” the renamed … Read More

Sticking To His Guns

Yesterday was Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane’s birthday.  It was also his annual State of the City address, attended by a record 460 people. That’s a testament to his leadership, and the landslide election victory he had in November.   But the most surprising part of his speech wasn’t his dedicatory remarks about the “best city in America,” it was in … Read More

ASU Center to teach community about thriving in a desert

Partnership between ASU, Scottsdale’s Desert Discovery Center to produce research, exhibits about local environment There’s nothing new about Arizona residents looking for sustainable ways to live in the desert, but a recent United Nations report has made the matter a worldwide concern. Because of climate change, the UN says that by 2030 almost half of the global population will be living … Read More

Together we can make our great city even better.

By Scottsdale Councilmember Virginia Korte Last week we took the first significant step in solving our city’s infrastructure issues. Mayor Lane appointed me and Councilmembers Guy Phillips and David Smith to a new Council Capital Improvement Project Subcommittee.  The three us will be officially confirmed at the Council meeting on Tuesday, February 21st. Recently, the city staff presented more than … Read More

Right On The Mark

There are gadflies at City Halls.  Every town or city has one, two or more. And then there are gadflies.  Like big gad, horse flies.  They don’t come any uglier or smellier than Mark Stuart in Scottsdale. It’s not that he’s anti-establishment.  Nothing much wrong with that.   It’s that he’s in La La Land.  But his music isn’t pretty.  And … Read More

So Important For SoSco

One of the great Scottsdale stories of 2016 was the undeniable vibe that southern Scottsdale and her neighborhoods were an area on the move. Its strengths have long been known – proximity to Scottsdale’s thriving downtown and nearby freeways, a surging SkySong, new breweries – and the marketplace in the form of new families and residents started to respond. Mayor … Read More

Sanctuary City for Phx? I'm voting NO

Next Wednesday, City Council will be voting on a request to make Phoenix a Sanctuary City. I have and will continue to oppose this. You hear many politicians make big promises about Phoenix becoming a Sanctuary City, but they are afraid to go on record and vote. That is why I believe this vote should happen. Instead, I predict City … Read More

Phoenix to Vote on Sanctuary City Status, I Will Vote NO

By Sal DiCiccio Phoenix City Council District 6 Phoenix City Council will vote on a request for Sanctuary City status on February 15th at a formal council meeting. I am firmly opposed to the effort to make Phoenix a Sanctuary City. I don’t believe any local government should be able to pick and choose the laws they want to enforce. … Read More

Smart, Scottsdale

Plans are underway to tap the further potential of the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall.  Click here for more info. This is smart planning by city staff and Mayor Jim Lane and the City Council. But these plans should not languish.  They should be funded as soon as they’re completed. Home to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival, arts festivals, Sunday concerts and … Read More