By: Weiers for Mayor Mark Burdick and I had our candidate debate in Glendale yesterday and if anyone thought he was going to change his message, they had another thing coming.  True to form, Mark kept talking down Glendale and he even insisted yet again that “No matter what anyone says, our crime rate has gone up!” Of course he’s … Read More


By Friends of John McCain “I know how hard John works for veterans, for the military, for our national security– and I know that John McCain is a national treasure.” Phoenix, AZ —Today, Former Speaker Newt Gingrich endorsed John McCain’s reelection to the United States Senate, citing his leadership on National Security. “I strongly endorse Senator John McCain,” said Speaker Gingrich. “A genuine American hero, a … Read More

Scottsdale 85255

America knows Beverly Hills 90210 as one of America’s most famous zip codes.  It’s starting to know Scottsdale 85255 as one of its best. According to the Arizona Republic’s Catherine Reagor the northern Scottsdale neighborhoods of McDowell Mountain Ranch, DC Ranch and Grayhawk have surging property values. And for good reason.  They are uniquely somewhere.  At the base of the … Read More

How Artists Change The World

By David Brooks New York Times, The Opinion Pages As usual, there were a ton of artists and musicians at the political conventions this year. And that raises some questions. How much should artists get involved in politics? How can artists best promote social change? Click here to read more.

ENDORSED by Jan Brewer

By Sheriff Paul Babeu for Congress To many it may seem like our nation is in dark times, but with the right leaders, we can make America strong and safe again. Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is one of those people. A firebrand who stood up to President Obama and was the architect of Arizona’s economic comeback. She’s not to … Read More

Together we can make our great city even better

By Virginia Korte As you probably remember, my family sold Chevys at the corner of Scottsdale and McDowell Roads for 28 years. So I had firsthand experience of the ups and downs of the McDowell Road Corridor. Because of my deep roots in this great area of our city, I am proud of our efforts to revitalize Southern Scottsdale, including … Read More