Hypocrite Alert!

Welcome to the site’s new feature, holding politician’s accountable for double talk.  And there’s no better place to launch Hypocrite Alert! than with Scottsdale’s Ultimate Politician, Bob Littlefield. On the campaign trail he talks negatively about the proliferation of apartments in Scottsdale notwithstanding he’s the godfather of not one but the two largest apartment projects in the history of Scottsdale.  … Read More

Did Bob Littlefield Threaten Scottsdale’s Top Catholic School?

If running for Mayor of Scottsdale at the same time your wife is Vice Mayor isn’t odd and craven enough for Bob Littlefield, we may have another example. And, if circumstances are true, it’s disconcerting at best and disqualifying at worst. According to various social media including that posted by the Catholic Sun, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane was apparently invited … Read More

Smart Move

It’s like a zit on the Mona Lisa. Anyone who hikes what is arguably the prettiest trail in the Valley, Tom’s Thumb in Scottsdale’s McDowell Mountains, wonders when they ascent.  What is that house, albeit a very nice one, doing smack dab in the middle of Scottsdale’s landmark preserve? Wouldn’t it be nice, most everyone surely thinks, to rid the … Read More


By Friends of John McCain Phoenix, AZ– Today, Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick is skipping town to hob-nob with liberal allies in California. But this is not the first time Democrat Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick has desperately turned to her liberal cronies to buoy her lackluster campaign. She traveled to Hollywood a few months ago to participate in a four-day, closed-door conference … Read More

The Hypocrite’s Hilarious Hyperventilators

There’s no greater defender of Scottsdale’s ultimate politician, mayoral candidate Bob Littlefield, than John Washington, the political gadfly who lost to current Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane by 30 points in 2012. Like Littlefield, Washington thinks Scottsdale never does anything right despite public sentiment and evidence to the contrary. And he, like Littlefield, love to dish it out but they sure … Read More

Making Us Think

Art, at its best, makes us contemplate deeper.  That’s what good politics can do too.  About issues, people and the direction of a community and country.  So take a look at this interesting read in today’s New York Times about how enterprising artists are attempting to do and fuse both during these most challenging political times. Click here to view … Read More

Great News From The Latest Polling Data!

By Weiers For Mayor Great News From The Latest Polling Data! Ordinarily we keep our internal polling to ourselves, but several of you have forwarded me an email from my opponent where he claims they just polled and he’s winning by 3 points (34%-31%). Since his polling is as made up as his public safety data, we thought we’d make … Read More


ARIZONA GOVERNOR DOUG DUCEY ENDORSES JOHN McCAIN Phoenix, AZ —Today, Governor Doug Ducey endorsed John McCain for reelection to the U.S. Senate. The Governor emphasized the importance of John McCain’s leadership for Arizona. “History will count John McCain as one of the most fearless leaders of our generation and a genuine Arizona hero,” said Governor Ducey. “A man who always … Read More

Mr. Smith Goes To Outer Space

Recently, Scottsdale Councilman David Smith lambasted SkySong and its purported voracious appetite for city favor.  But in criticizing process and politic he seemed to ignore purpose and triumph. Once upon a time Scottsdale and McDowell was the heartbeat of the southern city.  There stood Los Arcos Mall.  Then time passed it by.  Scottsdale Fashion Square ascended. Various plans from hockey … Read More

Scottsdale Year-End Report

By Councilman David Smith Dear Friends… Scottsdale’s fiscal year ended June 30, so it seems timely to share a report on some Council decisions over the past few months that will affect you and your city’s livability. Your Council adopted a Balanced Budget for next year…that’s good! Unfortunately, the Budget isn’t sustainable and hasn’t been for several years. That’s because … Read More