Steve Chucri Endorsed by Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane

Scottsdale (June 29)   Today, Steve Chucri released his endorsement from Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane. “Steve Chucri has served Maricopa County well for the past four years, and I am proud to endorse him for re-election to the Board of Supervisors,” said Mayor Lane. “Steve’s district encompasses Scottsdale and it has been a pleasure to work with him for our shared … Read More


By Sal DiCiccio Why are you paying huge water bills and ever increasing taxes? Government waste.   This week alone Phoenix politicians voted again to give away your money: $10 million contract given to a private company just to let people know about recycling $1.5 million payout to Union Bosses as part of a backroom deal hidden from the public … Read More

My Decision

By Senator Marco Rubio Friend, In politics, admitting you’ve changed your mind is not something most people like to do. But here it goes. I have decided to seek reelection to the United States Senate. I understand my opponents will try to use this decision to score political points against me. Have at it. Because I have never claimed to … Read More

12 Years A Slumber

Former 12-year Scottsdale Councilman and failed state legislative candidate Bob Littlefield sounds more like he’s running for Mayor of Detroit than Scottsdale. Everything is wrong in our fair city, his wonting bemoans.  And he alone is the guy to fix it.  He, the campaign trailing, self-professing walking combination of Bernie Sanders AND Donald Trump. We digress in noting the stunning … Read More

Issues Survey Results

by Maria Syms Friends, Thanks to all of you who took the time to take the quick issues survey last week! Your feedback means a lot to me so thank you again. Over the past week, more than 650 voters in Legislative District 28 took the issues survey. Improving Education was the top vote-getter with 29.2% of the vote followed … Read More

Arizona Fraternal Order of Police endorses Andy Biggs for Congress

by Biggs For Congress GILBERT – Today, the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, representing over 9,000 members across the state, endorsed Andy Biggs for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. “Your endorsement by the F.O.P., one of Arizona’s largest police organizations is based on your demonstrated support of significant public safety issues and reflects our beliefs that you best understand the difficult … Read More

Meet the new District 3 Councilwoman – Debra Stark!

Dear District 3 Residents, It is a pleasure to have been selected by the Phoenix City Council to serve as your Councilwoman.  I have lived in the same area in Phoenix for 30 years and look forward to furthering the progress of District 3 and the city of Phoenix. We are a special and unique community with diverse areas that … Read More

Why I’m supporting Andy Biggs

By Congressman Matt Salmon I invite you to take a moment to watch my video message about why I am supporting Andy Biggs to replace me as your next Congressman. Click here to view the video There are plenty of candidates who run for office to fulfill their lifelong ambitions or dreams – Andy Biggs is not one of them. … Read More

Together we can make our great city even better.

By Korte Scottsdale Everyone realizes the role arts and culture have played in building Scottsdale’s brand.  Our city not only has a history of promoting arts and cultural activities, other cities attempting to expand their involvement in the arts measure themselves against Scottsdale. Arts and culture contribute to our economic development by attracting businesses that create jobs.  And, of course, … Read More

Commissioner Doug Little’s Emerging, Sagacious Philosophy

Containment.  Mutually Assured Destruction.  The Domino Theory. Balance of Power.  Trickle Down.  Vouchers. These are the words of famous philosophies, some more than others, thought to describe the best governance for our schools, economics and foreign affairs.  Here in Arizona a new philosophy by an unexpected voice is noteworthy.  “Gradualism” as proffered by Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Doug Little, seeks … Read More