As Carly’s Iowa state chairman, I can tell you: the momentum on the ground here is growing fast. Iowa isn’t like a lot of other states. Because we’re the first state to caucus, what happens in Iowa affects the direction of the Republican primary race in all 50 states. We know it’s a big responsibility. Because of that, we don’t … Read More

Conservative Solutions PAC New Television Ad, “Some Republicans,” Highlights The Damage Rubio Has Done To ObamaCare

“For All The Republican Talk…One Republican Presidential Hopeful Has Actually Done Something…”   WASHINGTON, DC – Conservative Solutions PAC, the Super PAC supporting Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, today released a new television advertisement highlighting steps taken by Marco Rubio to end ObamaCare.  Rubio has saved taxpayers $2.5 billion and threatened the law’s long-term survival by ending a bailout of the insurance … Read More

Looking Back, and Forward

By Senator Jeff Flake 2015 has been a busy and challenging year, and the country still faces many more challenges. But as we approach the critical 2016 Election Year, I’m pleased to say I’ve made progress in Congress on a few issues. I have worked hard to deliver solutions that are wins for taxpayers, lasting achievements like: The Border Jobs … Read More

Deservedly, No Buzz For New West Valley “Casino” (i.e. Bingo Hall)

Ever since a 2002 statewide vote Arizona tribes have had a monopoly on gambling. You remember the promises:  grant us this right and we’ll do good by it, help our people and keep gambling on our lands. Then along came the Tohono O’Odham tribe from Tucson.  Through clever lawyering, political chicanery and sleights of hand that would make any great … Read More

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Announces New Arizona For Rubio Endorsements

(PHOENIX) – Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Chairman of Marco Rubio’s campaign in Arizona, is proud to announce nine Arizona elected leaders have joined him in endorsing Marco Rubio’s campaign for president. “This group represents a cross section of Republican state and local leaders who understand Marco Rubio is best qualified to bring bold, innovative, and conservative ideas to Washington.” … Read More

Meet Mark

By Burdick for Glendale Mayor Mark Burdick has spent over 32 years in public service. An Arizona native, Burdick began working for the City of Glendale as a firefighter in 1983. He served as a paramedic, captain and ultimately spent more than 12 years as the fire chief. During his career, he has had numerous notable accomplishments, with programs that … Read More

Old Things, New Ways

It’s up for debate that it is impossible to teach an old dog new tricks because of all the established companies who are mixing things up. Businesses across the nation are finding that they can indeed learn new tricks and even put their own spin on it. Starbucks is constantly working to keep as up to date as possible with … Read More

Gallego’s Phoenix Plan To Go From Good To Great

Canals have a rich history in Arizona. Used for transporting water along the desert landscape, canals have been bringing new life to the area for hundreds of years. Now, the Grand Canal has the opportunity to restore this feeling of new life throughout Phoenix and make the canal another reason to enjoy the state’s largest city. A $10.3 million grant … Read More

Odds & Ends To The Week

*How poorly was a political campaign run? One can usually tell by how long it takes to get campaign signs down post-election.  One MONTH after four of the six Scottsdale bond proposals failed “YES” signs are still up.  To those who ran the campaign show some respect to those you tried, and failed, to persuade. *The number of photo radar … Read More

Convoluted In Paradise Valley

The good news is that after heavy revisions to a flawed Ritz-Carlton resort and residences plan introduced earlier this year it’s now in a positive place, and nearing approval.  Anecdotal and polling information all demonstrates overwhelming support for the project.  And there appears to be a solid majority of supporters on the Paradise Valley Town Council two weeks before a … Read More