From The Wall Street Journal: Reforming Immigration One State At A Time

By Shikah Dalmia Senior Analyst at the Reason Foundation With Congress stuck among the contradictory demands of labor, business and talk-radio restrictionists, neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama has been able to move the needle on immigration reform. Meanwhile, as the economy gathers steam, states face a tight labor market at all skill levels. There might be a way … Read More

Ending Poisonous Politics

by Ron Barber This morning former Rep. Ron Barber endorsed Tom’s campaign for Congress. Take a look below at the email he sent his supporters:  Dear friend, Since I left Congress, I don’t miss the dysfunction in Washington, but I do miss the chance to stand up for Arizona families who are getting a raw deal. That’s why I am … Read More

A new Scottsdale tourist attraction it may not yet realize

An early morning jog on a neighborhood canal is one of the oldest and most common forms of exercise in Arizona. Imagine if that jog could span from Scottsdale to Tempe to Phoenix. Starting in early 2016, using the canals to get around the city will be a reality. The Canal Multiuse Path Improvement project, predominately in Scottsdale, is reaching … Read More

The Snickering Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Resort in Paradise Valley is a beautiful property run by respected industry veterans.  Indeed, it’s one of the finest small hotels in Arizona, if not the best. The one amusing exception seems to be its disregard for Sun Devil fans.  Curiously, bar management shuns ASU football on its televisions for games in Gainesville and the like.  Higher-ups may … Read More

Democracy Vouchers for Arizona?

Last Tuesday, Seattle voters approved of an unprecedented measure that will dramatically overhaul how local candidates running for mayor, city council, and city attorney raise campaign funds. Under Initiative 122, Seattle became the first city in the United States to try taxpayer-funded “democracy vouchers.” These vouchers work in a relatively straightforward manner. Each registered Seattle voter will receive four $25 … Read More

Thank You & Next Steps

By Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane Thanks to our great hosts, Craig and Carolyn Jackson, Governor Ducey, a fantastic Host Committee and supporters just like you, our re-election campaign kick-off October 21, 2015 was extraordinary.  Your endorsement of my re-elections has likely made this event the most successful political campaign support event in Scottsdale’s history. As we work to take Scottsdale from … Read More

News Release: Colorado’s Cory Gardner endorses Marco; says “Our country needs a new generation of leadership”

Colorado’s Cory Gardner endorses Marco; says “Our country needs a new generation of leadership” “Today I am proud to announce my endorsement of Marco Rubio to be the next President of the United States. Our country needs a new generation of leadership, and I believe that Marco Rubio presents this nation with the greatest possibilities and opportunities to meet the … Read More

Our Money. Our Kids. Our Success.

By Governor Doug Ducey Who says you can’t make government work? We just did it here with the most far-reaching, high-impact education funding bill in our state’s history. News like this is too good not to share, so spread the word by forwarding this message along! We’ve just passed, signed, and are ready to go with a bill that: • … Read More