One Nation Under God. Cool Heads in Coolidge

On Monday, September 21, Coolidge, Ariz. voted on a highly controversial issue: whether or not to limit the prayer before a city council meeting to only Christian prayer. The proposal was unanimously shot down. When Councilman Rob Hudelson, a pastor for a local Baptist church, brought the topic forth on September 14, the topic was passed into a proposal by … Read More

Let’s Put Scottsdale First!

By Scottsdale Councilmember Virginia Korte PLEASE VOTE YES FOR SCOTTSDALE BONDS! Since 1989, Scottsdale’s citizens have demonstrated great foresight, fiscal responsibility, and logical long-range planning having passed capital bond projects totaling over $700 million dollars.  Such purposeful investments resulted in the funding of what continues to make our city thrive and our citizens’ quality of life stellar: libraries, parks, senior … Read More

Guest Column: Sick? Go ahead and take the day off!

Who hasn’t woken up with the sniffles and debated whether or not it is worth taking the day off and losing pay, or going to work sick and being miserable? The latter option exposes everyone you come into contact that day with your germs but it might be your only choice if you can’t lose any portion of your paycheck. … Read More

Urge California governor to sign Right To Try into law

By Lee Templar Director of Foundation Relations The Goldwater Institute California is poised to become the 25th state that adopts the Right To Try—a law that will help terminally ill patients try promising new medicines pending final approval from the Food and Drug Administration. But Governor Jerry Brown might veto the Right To Try. We need your help to persuade … Read More

A Necessary & Stylish Move For Scottsdale Fashion Square

Fiesta Mall in Mesa is about dead.  Los Arcos Mall in Scottsdale died years ago.  Metrocenter is trying to reinvent itself as so many other malls are doing across the country.  The changing retail landscape driven by increased online sales demands it.  Look at Biltmore Fashion Park which now seems more a tony food court than mall.  That brings us … Read More

AZ education plan gets thumbs up from Forbes

Dear Friend , Forbes is now highlighting Governor Ducey’s forward-thinking plan to fund K-12 education without raising taxes. Read and share this column on how Arizona is leading the way with smart policy: Back To School: Arizona Gov. Ducey’s Smart Education Plan Travis H. Brown Forbes 9/14/2015 With a promising business environment and a governor who understands smart fiscal policy, … Read More

Conservative Kelli Ward Is Leading John McCain By 9 Points In The Polls!

Arizona Republicans Want To Replace John McCain With A True Conservative! It is Time For John McCain To Retire! By Restore American Liberty Conservative Kelli Ward is officially leading John McCain for the first time in the polls! In a recent poll from independent firm Gravis Marketing, Kelli Ward was the choice of 45% of registered Arizona Republican primary voters … Read More

Some Scottsdale members of our “Greatest Generation” need your help!

By Bob and Kathy Littlefield Dear Friends: Residents of the Wheel Inn Ranch Trailer Park in South Scottsdale are being evicted from their homes and forced to relocate to other housing.   Many have lived in this park for decades and over the years have helped to create the City of Scottsdale we all love.  Most of them are now elderly, … Read More

Why isn’t Arizona taking advantage of the sun?

By Solaris Liberatas Arizona has an abundance of renewable energy, especially when it comes to solar, but has zero ambition when it comes to actually powering itself on renewables. What a waste of clean energy. Renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and hydropower, are no longer seen as the alternatives to fossil fuels, they are now seen as competitors. So why … Read More