Big announcement

By Dr. Matt Heinz I’ve got some exciting news: I’ve just announced my candidacy for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. Why have I decided to run for Congress? Simple. Because I believe I can make a difference. When I look at what’s going on in Washington these days, I see a government in need of a cure. I see a whole … Read More

Back To Basics & A Yes Vote In Scottsdale

Normally one doesn’t start with boring phrases, words and projects to entice a reader to continue on. But the language below while not sexy is compelling for reasons that will be explained. So, please read on. “Forty-year old infrastructure” in southern Scottsdale. “Replace existing chemical treatment systems” with new ones to “provide a safe and consistent disinfectant solution for public … Read More

First Six Months as State Treasurer of Arizona Update

by Jeff DeWitt It has been an honor to serve Arizona as State Treasurer. I wanted to take a few minutes and thank everyone for their continued support. It is unbelievable how much my life has changed as I went from an everyday father working in the financial world to being elected as Arizona State Treasurer. The road here was … Read More

From the New York Times: The Creativity Collective

By David Brooks When Dustin Yellin was 17 he dropped out of high school. The school was filled with jocks and cheerleaders and he clearly didn’t fit in. Plus he wasn’t intellectually engaged. He hitchhiked around New Zealand and returned to Colorado. He became an apprentice to an eccentric physicist who believed he could get free energy from space and … Read More

Welcome Bernie Sanders to AZ

By AZ progressives Last weekend the Arizona media lost their minds over Donald Trump coming to Phoenix. This weekend, Bernie Sanders is hosting a rally in Phoenix — and despite the media hyperventilation over Trump…we’re hearing the Sanders crowd is going to be MUCH BIGGER. That’s because we have a strong and proud community of progressives here in Arizona fighting for our … Read More

Kelli is the strongest woman I know

By. Dr. Michael Ward Fellow Conservative, My wife, Dr. Kelli Ward, is the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever known. Even though I see her every day, she still finds new ways to surprise me. When we met in medical school, I knew she was something special. It wasn’t just the caring and the empathy she showed for her patients and … Read More

It’s Official I’m Running

By Dr. Kelli Ward It’s official. As you read this, I am in Lake Havasu announcing my campaign for the U.S. Senate! I’m ready to retire John McCain and give voters a fresh, courageous choice for new conservative leadership, and I hope you’ll join my effort. Together, we can disrupt the status quo and begin a new era of lower … Read More