New York Times: The Next Culture War

by David Brooks Christianity is in decline in the United States. The share of Americans who describe themselves as Christians and attend church is dropping. Evangelical voters make up a smaller share of the electorate. Members of the millennial generation are detaching themselves from religious institutions in droves. Christianity’s gravest setbacks are in the realm of values. American culture is … Read More

I Have Some News

by Scottsdale City Council Member Suzanne Klapp Yesterday in front of supporters, business owners and ASU officials, I announced my decision to pursue a third term on the Scottsdale City Council.  We gathered outside of ATOMdesign, a business located in Skysong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, along McDowell Road to make the announcement.   Six years ago I brought a … Read More

CNBC: A governor who chose to ride with Uber over regulators

Standard and Poor’s recently assigned Arizona the strongest rating the state has had since 2008. Commentary by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey June 22, 2015 When I was sworn in as Arizona’s governor on January 5, the Super Bowl was set to kick off in our state just four weeks later. Amid all the planning and upcoming festivities, there was a … Read More


By Arizona State Senator Katie Hobbs Today is a day for us to celebrate equality and love. It has prevailed. The Supreme Court ruling handed down today strengthens families and communities all over the country. It provides certainty for couples in Arizona that their marriages will remain legally recognized. I want to congratulate everyone that has worked for this day, … Read More

Let’s Debate

by Carly Fiorina Fellow Conservative, Fox News recently announced how they will select participants for the first presidential campaign debate. I’ll skip straight to the point: I look forward to participating in the Fox News debate. I’ll make it clear that I’m ready to take on Hillary Clinton. But I need your help to get on that debate stage. In … Read More

From The Arizona Republic : Why Scottsdale has a better mayor than Glendale

By Robert Leger A tale of two mayors and two cities: SCOTTSDALE: After Steve Ellman abandoned his efforts to build a professional ice hockey arena in Scottsdale and turned to Glendale, Scottsdale was left was a deteriorating mall at Scottsdale and McDowell Roads. Eventually, the city partnered with ASU to build SkySong, a research and innovation center. Click here to … Read More

Coyotes’ Fans Howling At The Wrong Leaders?

Hockey fans rhetorically cross-checked the Glendale City Council during and after a hearing that ultimately resulted in the municipality’s termination of its $15 million per year subsidy for the Arizona Coyotes. But were they directing their ire at the right people? Let’s reset. Having an NHL franchise in the Valley is a very good thing.  While the team has never … Read More

Not rich enough?

By Marco Rubio Last week, our team told you about the New York Times attacking me for receiving four traffic tickets over the last 20 years. Now, today, the Times is out with a story suggesting that I’m not rich enough to be president! According to the Times, “Rubio entered public life in a deep financial hole of his own … Read More

Hole In One For Kids. Bogey For Tourism?

Governor Doug Ducey is announcing today a reform to have more money from the sale of state land go into K-12 education.  Here is a link to the Republic’s coverage.  At a time of a rising Arizona real estate market this appears, on the surface, to be government innovation at its best. It is both good policy and good politics … Read More

I’m Running for President

By Lindsey Graham Dear Friend, Just moments ago I officially announced that I am running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Will you stand with me today as a DAY ONE Founding Member of my campaign? Please follow this link to make an instant online contribution. I did not make this decision lightly. After months of … Read More