More Teachers? Better Education? Not if Mayor Stanton gets his way

By Sal DiCiccio 4551 new teachers for Phoenix… that is how many NEW teachers we could hire for the cost of just one new mile of rail. Mayor Stanton and others are pushing a new $30 billion tax and spend proposal for transit costing $209 million per mile to build and operate. Make no mistake about it, every penny taken … Read More

A Better Fate For South Scottsdale

Since the closing of Los Arcos Mall some 15 years ago and a number of automobile dealerships more recently, Scottsdale’s primary political sport has been hand wringing about the future of McDowell Road. An arena for the Phoenix Coyotes, SkySong, large new apartment projects, light rail, a New York City-like “High-Line” trail.  There has been no shortage of ideas big … Read More

COGS Membership letter request

Dear Friends: For those of you who are concerned about Scottsdale’s future and the direction it has been moving (or not moving)  over the last few years, I offer you a way to keep in touch and up-to-date on what is going on in Scottsdale.  For you Clint Eastwood fans, discover “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” Please take … Read More

Real Tax Reform

By Scottsdale City Councilman David Smith Dear Friends… This Tuesday evening, February 24, the Scottsdale City council will debate the first real tax reform in recent memory.  A workshop has been scheduled to discuss the proposal I made last month to eliminate the sales tax imposed on retail sales of food for home consumption.  Scottsdale’s food tax collections amount to $11 million … Read More

From Sal DiCiccio Buyer Beware. Phoenix wants to raise your taxes…..again

Over $209 million per mile to build and operate. Yes, that’s the cost to build and operate one mile of the new train system being proposed to the Mayor and Council. I’m guessing you didn’t know this was being pushed forward by the bureaucrats and politicians. This is being proposed for the Phoenix ballot this year and will be sold to … Read More

Democratic Hypocrisy: Mesnard Right. McCune Davis Wrong.

Republicans are evil.  Single handedly they are responsible for squeezing the middle class.  This is the constant Democratic Party refrain. Except in Arizona, apparently. Here, the donkeys are skewering the middle class via their opposition to HB 2611.  On this issue they are being led by nanny state sycophant Debbie McCune Davis.  Once upon a time she led a proper … Read More

Solar Homes Sell Faster And For Higher Prices; Real Data Undermines Utility-Sponsored Rhetoric; Proves More Regulation Not Needed

An analysis of Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) residential sales data for the past six months show that homes with solar actually sell faster and at much higher prices than homes without solar. Through the end of 2014, homes with either owned or leased solar systems outpaced sales of non-solar homes significantly. Contrary to what proponents of APS-backed SB1465 … Read More

Secretary Michele Reagan Announces Clean Elections Spending Limits

Two Year Adjustment Announced for Upcoming Elections PHOENIX – Secretary of State Michele Reagan has unveiled the funding amounts available for qualifying Clean Election candidates in the 2016 election cycle. State law provides for these funding levels to be adjusted by the Secretary of State every two years.  The Citizens Clean Elections Act, passed as an initiative by the voters … Read More

Rooting For The Republic

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio once did a campaign television commercial where he threw copies of the Arizona Republic in the trash.  While a congressional candidate over a decade ago current Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio ripped the Valley’s paper of record similarly in direct mail.  Others, most notably conservative blogs, cheer daily its hoped for demise. Don’t count us … Read More

The Inevitable Fall Of Arizona Public Service

A good man used to say “all politics is local.” Whether true or not there’s no doubt it’s cyclical. Today, Arizona Public Service (APS) is feeling pretty good about itself.  Attempting to foil innovation and more energy choice is its new way of doing business.  After all, the company effectively owned, in the political sense that is, immediate past Arizona … Read More