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Once upon a time the Republican Party was the party of Lincoln. It went to war to eradicate slavery. One hundred and fifty years later African-Americans support the party with but single digits.

The reasons are many and varied from the Democratic Party’s incessant pandering to most Republicans most recently choosing the rule of law, understandably, when it comes to the nation’s borders rather than donkey denial.

Yet, the Republican Party can rightly be criticized for not enthusiastically taking their message to where Democrats have failed so miserably in the urban cores and elsewhere. That’s why suggestions about holding the 2016 Republican National Convention in Detroit were so intriguing.

The Jack Kemps of hope and optimism have been too few, although a renewed emphasis by Kemp acolyte Paul Ryan in this regard is promising.

Despite the dearth of messengers, messages predominantly involving school choice are thankfully starting to make inroads. Liberals like Bill de Blasio attempting to stop it are on the wrong side of history with political consequence soon to arrive with more dispatch. WARD

But then along comes remarks like those by Arizona Republican Senator Kelli Ward who warned of a “slippery slope” in a Tweet yesterday following NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s proper punishment of Donald Sterling.

The ill-timed Ward tweet read as follows:
“If you offend, I guess you should expect to be stripped of your property & banned for life #PoliticallyCorrect #WhereAreWeHeaded,”

Presumably Ward is concerned about some notion of property rights while being shockingly tone deaf to warrant a political hearing aid.

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Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan, Lake Havasu City Mayor Mark Nexsen Join Leaders from Throughout Arizona Supporting Campaign

Republican candidate for State Treasurer Hugh Hallman has picked up the endorsement of two of the most prominent elected officials in Mohave County.

Sheriff Tom Sheahan and Lake Havasu City Mayor Mark Nexsen have endorsed Hallman’s candidacy for the State Treasurer’s office. The two conservative Republican leaders praised Hallman’s record of fiscal responsibility and his commitment to limited government.

“It’s important to the people of Mohave County that we have strong advocates in statewide office for keeping both state and federal government in check,” Sheahan said. “Hugh Hallman’s experience as Mayor of Tempe and his lifelong commitment to limiting the size and scope of government make him an ideal choice in the State Treasurer’s Office for the priorities of Mohave County residents.”hallman pic

Nexsen said that as a Mayor himself, he knows how important it is to have someone who understands the challenges of running a city in the State Treasurer’s Office.

“We work closely with the State Treasurer’s Office on the funding we need to make sure Lake Havasu City’s government is run effectively,” Nexsen said. “Having someone like Hugh Hallman, a former Mayor who understands the importance of fiscal responsibility, in this office would be a tremendous asset for Arizona residents.”

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(PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz.) Pam Kirby, current Scottsdale School Governing Board member and recent Paradise Valley Council Member is endorsing Michael Collins for Paradise Valley Mayor.

Kirby began serving on the Paradise Valley Town Council in 2008 and was part of the team that led the Town out of its financial crisis.

In 2010, Kirby was elected to a seat on the Scottsdale School Board. On April 25th 2014, Kirby resigned from the Paradise Valley Council so that she can focus on the critical needs of the Scottsdale Unified School District.

Kirby said, “While there are still challenges facing any community, I feel Paradise Valley has emerged from several crises thanks to the hard work of my friends and former colleagues on the Paradise Valley Town Council. Vice Mayor Michael Collins is my choice to lead the Town Council; to keep our community moving in the right direction. My decision to focus on the Scottsdale School District was made easier knowing that someone of Michael's caliber is poised to lead Paradise Valley, and I sincerely hope the voters agree.”headshot 1 compressed

Paradise Valley’s current Mayor, Scott LeMarr is not seeking reelection. Collins said, “Losing such talented individuals as Mayor LeMarr and Councilmember Kirby won’t be easy. I can only hope to provide the necessary leadership as two valued members of Town Hall move on.”

“Pam truly defines the role of public servant. As Vice-Mayor I value her contributions; as the father of three school-aged children I am grateful for her dedication to our schools; as a resident of Paradise Valley I am proud she is a resident of our community. ” Collins added.

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Since day one of this campaign, I’ve stated that when I am elected Attorney General, one of my top priorities will be to work to protect those in our society who cannot protect themselves.

Whether they are the unborn, children, seniors, or our veterans we have a moral obligation as a society to protect the vulnerable.

I am running against both a Republican incumbent who has sided with pro-choice forces and against a Democrat who is supported and well-funded by groups like Planned Parenthood.

The liberal Democrats know that if they can gain control of the Attorney General’s Office they can selectively enforce laws including deconstructing laws that strengthen or protect the rights of the unborn.

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From the Los Angeles Times Editorial Board

There are a lot of questions remaining about the strange, vile, racist comments that have been attributed to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The audiotapes need to be authenticated. The context of the remarks, which represent 16 minutes out of what was apparently an hourlong conversation, should be explained.

But if it turns out that the tapes have not been doctored or misrepresented, and if Sterling did indeed castigate a female friend for associating with black people, then it is clear what needs to happen: Sterling must sell the team. If he doesn't do so on his own, the NBA should apply whatever pressure it can, whether that means fining him or suspending him or using whatever other tools it has at its disposal to urge him out.

The comments, if he made them, are a disgrace to Sterling himself, but more than that, they are an enormous embarrassment to the NBA and the city, and a heavy burden on the talented team now battling to win round one of the playoffs in its best season ever. While we generally support the right of individuals to say and think even the most offensive things, the team is not just another of Sterling's private businesses; it is also a civic institution that plays under the banner of the city of Los Angeles. The city ought not be associated with an owner who says that he doesn't want his mistress (if that's indeed what she is) bringing black people to his team's games — a remark made even more offensive by the fact that more than three-quarters of the players on the team and in the league are black. On the recording, the speaker tells the woman that it "bothers" him that "you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people."

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By Frank Antenori

I was recently invited for coffee by a close friend and fellow Republican to discuss upcoming state legislative races. Well respected in both local grass roots circles as well as the so called "GOP Establishment," he was chosen to reach out to me in hopes of convincing me to not get involved in several key legislative primaries. However, by the time we finished our second cup of coffee, he would not only fail to convince me to stay silent, but he would instead volunteer to help me in my efforts to inform GOP voters of the threat to our state. It took a simple history lesson to change his mind.frank-antenori-002

I take you back to the 46th Legislature. In 2004, a handful of so called "pragmatic" Republicans conspired with Democrats to give then Governor Janet Napolitano a budget that would increase state spending by more than $700million, a 10% increase in spending in a year that saw little inflation (2%).

Worse yet, that budget created a $500 million budget deficit; in violation of Arizona's Constitution which requires a balanced budget. Rightfully, fiscal conservatives were outraged at what was clearly an irresponsible budget. In response, conservatives recruited fiscally responsible primary opponents to challenge these fiscally irresponsible Republicans.

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As the 2014 election cycle gets underway there may be no easier endorsement, even at this early date, than current Vice Mayor Michael Collins to assume the top position. 

With Mayor Scott LeMarr leaving on top after more than two decades of public service to the town, Collins offers the compelling combination of continuation, experience and talent. 

He chaired the community’s Public Safety Task Force that has resulted in a decrease in crime. RA_Collins_Logos2-1

He chaired the town’s General Plan efforts passed by a whopping 80 percent of voters.

He voted for the Mountain Shadows redevelopment plan that has already resulted in the removal of rat infested buildings at 56th Street and Lincoln. 

He leads not only in the Town but a business with 45 employees that does land use planning for the U.S. military.  He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, father and husband. 

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(PARADISE VALLEY, Ariz.) Paradise Valley Vice Mayor and local businessman Michael Collins is announcing his candidacy for Mayor.

Collins was first elected to the Paradise Valley Town Council in 2010.

During his time on the council, Collins chaired the Public Safety Task Force which has revolutionized the Police Department and improved public safety. He also served as Chairman of the General Plan Advisory Committee which updated the Town’s General Plan and received 80% voter approval. Collins was a champion for efforts to solve Mountain Shadows redevelopment concerns, an achievement that is resulting in the renewal of this historic resort property.revised family compressed

“Mayor LeMarr has done many great things for Paradise Valley and I hope to build upon those accomplishments. We are headed in the right direction and I want to keep us there and protect that which makes us special,” said Collins.

In order to make that happen Collins is committed to maintaining low density, keeping public safety a top priority for the Council, keeping taxes low, ensuring limited government, preserving open space and mountain views, and maintaining and cultivating a vibrant resort industry which will prevent the need for a local property tax.

Collins added, “Together, let’s keep our densities, crime and taxes low but our quality of life very high.”

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Building a stronger Arizona is what we all want. Bringing economic recovery, high-paying jobs and revenue to our state is the best way we can elevate Arizona and keep our standard of living high.Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-10_34_40-AM2-78220_641x340

It is now time to figure out the best use of our resources to attract new businesses to Arizona and work to adjust our regulatory system to give Arizona the most favorable business environment possible. When companies weigh our year-round great climate, our access to interstate transportation, our well-educated workforce AND then they see a favorable regulatory environment, then those companies will want to expand into our state.

One step in building a more business-friendly environment is to provide small businesses with a bill of rights. I co-sponsored HB2260, small business bill of rights, which was signed into law by the Governor on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

HB2260 requires state agencies to create and conspicuously post a small business bill of rights on their websites containing all applicable and agency-specific statutory rights. This bill of rights must include the process by which small businesses can file a complaint with the Ombudsman over administrative acts of government agencies.

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