It Ain’t Mountain Shadows or The Ritz: Paradise Valley Should Defoliate Cottonwoods Proposal

A beautiful evening on the patio at Camelback Back Inn’s restaurant called Rita’s. The views at Sanctuary. The charm of The Hermosa Inn. The social conscience of the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. The increasing charm of Montelucia. When one thinks of and experiences Paradise Valley’s grand resorts The Cottonwoods’ hotel property along Scottsdale Road doesn’t come to mind. Most don’t even … Read More

Everybody’s a Little Gay

We dislike politicians because we think they’re hypocritical. We think they’re takers and that there is always a hidden motive behind their actions. But what is the motive behind fighting against equality and then being serviced in a public bathroom by a Craigslist secret lover? Later, going home to your wife and children and complaining that your wife, along with … Read More

It’s A Speaker Thing

What do Republican primary voters think of House Speaker John Boehner and why might it matter in next year’s CD1 Primary here in Arizona?  Let’s call it “a Speaker thing”. Activists in the GOP are largely disappointed with Speaker Boehner and his leadership and they are critical of what they see as his lack of conservative resolve.  They don’t trust … Read More

Transient Tongues

Transient Tongues, otherwise known as our guest column section, will feature different points of view from various writers of interest, so stay tuned as we ready our first entries.  

Primaries – Not Just For Conservatives Anymore

While the divisive fight over Medicaid Expansion was widely expected to produce primary challenges to the small number of Republicans who joined with the Democrats to pass it, early indications are that conservatives who voted against the expansion are increasingly finding themselves targeted by left-leaning Republicans who believe that crossing the aisle to pass bipartisan legislation ought to be a … Read More

Back To The Future

The Arizona Republic recently announced it was abandoning local editorials and opinion pages. What a shame. In years past the Republic, Phoenix Gazette and Scottsdale Progress joined the likes of the Glendale Star, West Valley View and many others to provide robust commentary on matters of local import. The Arizona Progress & Gazette has been launched with names from the … Read More

Voter Registration Trends vs. Left-Wing Talking Points

Watch TV news, read newspapers, and listen to any liberal politician or consultant, and they will tell you that Arizona’s growing Hispanic population is turning Arizona from red to purple and will eventually turn it blue. They believe it is inevitable because their liberal ideology presumes that demographics determines ideology and voters will vote in a manner that can be … Read More

I Probably Agree With Your Bumper Sticker, but 90 Make You Look Crazy

Little offends me more than a Prius with the bumper sticker, “OBAMA: 2008”. It’s not “cool vintage” like your Billy Idol cassette tape. It reminds me of milk that has expired. Or wearing white heels after Labor Day. And although the Coexist bumper sticker makes you look like a Whole Foods shopping hippie, what REALLY grinds my gears… is when … Read More

Scottsdale City Council Endorsements One Year Out

In 2014 three seats on the Scottsdale City Council will be up for grabs, those of incumbents Dennis Robbins and Linda Milhaven and that of the loquacious voice of yesteryear, Bob Littlefield. Littlefield is term-limited, and considering a run for the Arizona State Legislature. We can dispense with the need for interviews and candidate debates when it comes to endorsements … Read More